OGL Immortals Campaign

blue crane

Hi there!

I was wondering: 'What if one were to combine a number of "OGL" products and create one long role-playing campaign?'

For example, one could start off with OGL Conan (Mythic Europe) and then move along to ancient Egypt (OGL Ancients) followed by a Greek campaign (OGL Ancients, once again!).

Moving on to the Age of Exploration (OGL Pirates {HINT!} could be used in part here?), one could then follow-up with the Victorian Age (OGL Steampunk), then move across to America (and, OGL Wild West).

This could be followed by a contemporary setting (OGL Horror) which then reaches into Cyberpunk territory (OGL Cybernet). To conclude, one could throw in 'pure' Sci-Fi (possibly using OGL Sci-Fi {HINT!}).

What if a cult of Immortals / Vampires / Ghosts (or, whatever) had a destiny to fulfill that somehow involved an alien threat which had been around since the beginning of time and which did all that it could to thwart that cult's plans?

Just a thought....

Blue Crane
That would be a crazy campaign. You can always make the cult of Immortals, Vampires or Ghosts whatever be an opposing race of aliens to the invading ones. They were sent to help mankind develop from the Hyborian age of pre-history up to the future for the final battle. It can be used to explain mans evolution from primitive tribes to a space traveling race. Maybe the supernatural are really just different alien races, or just the cursed defenders of mankind. Instead of going space too, you can always have the Corporations and technology from Cybernet discover the alien threat and end the threat via nukes and then we can have OGL Post Apocalypse.