OGL Horror errata

Mongoose Gar

The following text should follow on from the bless effect on page 167.

Holy Symbol (DC10): Can be used to repel creatures with Aversion (holy)
Jury-rigged holy symbols (two sticks held together in the shape of a cross, etc) are DC 15 to Bless.
Water (DC20): Can be used to damage creatures with Vulnerability (Holy)
Weapon (DC25): Is considered Holy for bypassing Damage Resistance.

I'll add to this thread if/when more errata surfaces, and assemble it into a document as August is doing for Cybernet.
Under the skill Computer Use, in one of the charts, I think it is Operations or something, one of the modifiers states "hide evidence of alertion, DC +10" There is no real word called alertion (at least according to websters). I reccomend changing it to "hide alerting evidence"
I think the word that may have been intended here was 'alteration', as in tempering with evidence or code.