OGL Horror - Chill


Hands up, first of all... I haven't read the base rules (though if anyone has a copy going for free I'll be happy to give it a home!)... I'm suspecting that there might be some ideas on running the game and the sort of campaigns you might consider. Anyway (assumptions aside), I always thought Chill was a great background, offering a cohesive background for the players, as members of SAVE, and the dark forces at work in the world. It offered convenience and a lot of great source material, covering the full range of monsters from voodoo spirits to axe-wielding psychopaths.

Just a suggestion, if the rights are available to adapt it as a setting.
Hi Paul,

Another d20 publisher, OtherWorld Creations, has the rights to CHILL and plan to release a new version in 2005, but I'm not sure if they intend to include a d20 conversion set of rules:

What do you think about the maddness rule... you know the one where if you have so many shock points and are becoming more and more insane. Would you allow the character to continue playing this crazy character, or would you throw it in your NPC pile and make the player create a new PC as the book would have you do?