OGL Ancients - what miniatures do you use?


What companies make 28mm miniatures suitable for an OGL Ancients campaign? I’m mainly looking for soldiers with various configurations of equipment (armour, no armour, shield, no shield, spears, swords, axes, tridents, etc.), however some slaves and civilians would also be great. So far the only company I’ve found is The Foundry, but you have to buy large packs of miniatures (expensive if you only want 1-2 miniatures from the pack), and practically everything seems to be armed with a spear.
They're probably making them for historical wargames, since hopites did fight with spears (and swords as a backup) but that is it.

I'm afraid I don't know what companies to suggest personally, but this is a good web site for miniatures info (this URL is to the ancients section of the site). There is some discussion of various figures in the ancients discussion board.