OGL Ancients & the Gates of Troy

We've just released a revised edition of the Gates of Troy - a d20 city sourcebook for Troy - complete with an OGL Ancients appendix. The appendix has OGL Ancients stats for all the characters in the book, as well as a new city background for the people of Troy, a new divine boon (divine tutelage) and a new tragic flaw (Curse of Apollo).

If you don't already own the Gates of Troy its available from RPGNow as a 49p PDF priced only $5, right here: http://www.rpgnow.com/product_info.php?products_id=2765&src=mongoose . If you do already own it, you should have had a link to your free update by now! If not, drop me a line.

All future Ancient Lore books will be OGL Ancients compatible right from the start.

Oh, and anyone who fancies contributing to the Ancient Lore line - drop me a line too!

Andrew Kenrick
Excellent news! It's about time someone was supporting the frankly excllent but criminally ignored OGL Ancients.
Seroster said:
Anyone seen the revised edition??
I don't know but I can advice the "Trojan War" from Green Ronin (mythic vistas). This is d20 system (not OGL) but an excellent add-on.
On the Troy vein, S&P issue 18 has a 'prequel' type of adventure for OGL Ancients called 'Greeks bearing gifts'.

There's also rules for Social Combat to give th non-warrior types something new to do.