Numbers in combat

How many combatants (including the player characters) in the average firefight in your Traveller gam

  • 1-3 (combats tend to be one-on-one)

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  • 5 or so (a few PCs vs a few bad guys)

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  • 6-8 (a few PCs vs more bad guys)

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  • 9-15 (a few PCs vs a whole load of mooks)

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  • 15+ (lots and lots of bad guys)

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  • 30+ (pretty big firefights)

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  • 10,000+ (I am taking the piss or my PCs tend to take on armies)

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Mongoose Gar

Seeing as the proposed combat system is quite a departure from other games (it's trying to emphasise firearms and cover more), some extra data would be handy when I come to recalibrate it...
My current game has the PCs leading a platoon sized unit of about 30 people. This makes it tough to keep all of the NPCs and Enemies under control, so the game tends to be very fast and loose which is not a bad way to play. Usually, a part of the unit is elsewhere so it's easier. Any larger than this and we'd be looking for a mass combat system. My main point is that as the groups get larger, you need to be able to drop parts of the rules/level of detail to keep things flowing.
Our gaming group runs between 4 and 8, with 6 being the common attendance.

We currently (In our RQ game) have a round robin of GM's running games set in the same setting, and each GM has a slightly different method of dealing with situations, but we range from the group facing a similar number (give or take one or two) of bad guys as PC's, or massive groups that are spread out through an encampment or some such.

Although we did have a situation where an army of 3,000 was effectively routed by one character lying in ambush and killing the enemy leader and then running like the devil for the city walls :D

Anyway, back to issue. . . I anticipate my Traveller game to run the same pattern, typically a like number of enemies, or about twice as many if there are 'mooks' with one leader type among them.
I've run traveller games with combats up to regiment vs regiment, using the Large Scale Combat rules in MegaTraveller.

WHen running that, maneuver units were platoons of 30+ or 4-8 vehicles, with individuals as commanders.

I've also done battallions by squad.

RTT isn't quite looking flexible enough for this treatment. (MT's large scale worked by multiplication of damage but averaging armor and pen)
4-5 combatants a side usually. FOr bigger things, I'll break out mini's rules.. Striker if you feel hardcore (as an aside, I'd give good money for an updated Striker to work with the new traveller game. Not some "traveller evolution" nonsense"..Striker. )
Since people seem to be focusing on the total numbers rather than the number of enemy combatants, I'll vote on that basis.

Typically, I'd be looking at 4-6 PCs vs the same number of NPCs, up to half again as many, so 10 - 12 typically.
Every time I think we wont have a big combat, the players manage to engage a large group. Soeven if the norm is around 15 max, I need the ability to handle larger groups
Well most of my games have 7 PCs in them which makes the question largely meaningless. Generally though I try to make a contest of it, so if the NPCs are not very competant there are a lot more of them than PCs, if competant then about the same number.

This is competancy based on what the PCs are capable of.
For me it's usually 2-3 PCs vs. 3-6 NPCs, more NPCs if the PCs use stealth and smart tactics as a force multiplier of sorts.