Novel Concept...How about STARSHIPS for 'Starship Troopers'!

How many troopers would PRE-order/be interested in SST ship metal minis?

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Hey Mongoose Matt and Crew....


I mean....couldn't the rules for B5 be 'modified'...etc...for some ship combat etc...using starships for SST???

And as far as 'ships'...I'd LOVE to see the CGI Valley Forge type ships...along with those from the SST MOVIE, like the older Rodger Young and then later 'Athena' class starships...not to mention small metal minis of the Slingshot, Viking, Skyhook, CGI dropship and all THREE versions of FIGHTERS???? (tac and two CGI versions).

and please...IF it's really NOT going to happen...REALISTICALLY...just say so...not ever getting an answer or the standard....'we'll take it under advisement' in patting a child on the head and then politely ignoring them...just doesn't 'cut it'. That's one of the BIGGEST reasons I've stopped doing business with companies like GW...(among a couple others)...because they just 'ignored' me...or were 'patronizing'. :p

I've been getting Mongoose SST stuff since it first became available for preorder...and while I've NOT gotten every SINGLE sst item...(yet)...I've made quite an investment in the basic game...and extra mi, arachnids and chas, marauders and have got other items on 'preorder' from local game/comic shop for 2006.

PLEASE consider doing ship minis...of at LEAST the Valley Forge (CGI version)...and Rodger Young/Athena (SST movie ships) least as a 'special' you originally did the 'Victory Class' ship from Crusade for B5...

Puh-lease????? :cry:

By the way...any apes have decent line drawings of the three starships mentioned above (side view) I can print out 'counters' at least for now????

Happy turkeyday to those so inclined in USA...
Back to the Beach!

Crazy 8's squad Co and resident metal addict at Zegma Beach
I agree, a fleet action game like ACTA would be great!

I was also hoping that Mongoose would make a SST game in a scale more in line with my personal preference - 6, 10 or 15 mm. (plastics only please).

I would love to have truely large battles with hundreds of bugs and troopers.

A few of our group have been discussing this and we have come up with some proxies combined with new ideas for the bases.

best regards

Great idea DWW and welcome to the Mongoose Forums. Suprised I haven't seen you here sooner.

However, not that much bug adversaries in space. Even in the animated series, the transport bug and the ice bug are pretty rare. That pretty much leaves dodging bug plasma and asteroids.

Perhaps a new breed of bug ships (ala BFG Tyranids) or this new robotic alien race I've heard rumors of. The starships in SST do look cool.
cracking suggestion but....

you've got a limited number of fleets that you could produce,


until matt and the boys bring further races into the SST range its going to be limited,
'Planned and long way off' is better than 'hell no!'

Just my two cents worth, whenever I've sold BFG figures on ebay they go through the roof and am bombarded with questions asking 'do you have any more?' for the next week. These aren't all GW gamers they just love the space combat genre. Bring on the Roger Young!
How 'bout a full size Fleet starship and transport bug? I'm sure my wife would enjoy a couple of 10-12 ft. long models around the house;-)
gameguy1957 said:
How 'bout a full size Fleet starship and transport bug? I'm sure my wife would enjoy a couple of 10-12 ft. long models around the house;-)

I'd buy the Fleet starship...cut it up, detail the decks, install small lights...Voila! Time for a game INSIDE the ship :eek:
Mr Sprang wrote about the possibility of an SST-starship? combat game...

'A game like this is planned, but it is a long, long way off. . .'

How 'long' a 'long, long way off' GAMER's terms vs Mongoose terms????

When I originally pre-ordered SST back in NOV 2004...waiting till APRIL 2005 for the basic game, etc...was a 'long, long time'....'s almost DECEMBER 2005...and most of the stuff I'm waiting scheduled for release in 'January'....or 2006...(hopefully not all 'sliding' until April or May 2006...again...)

We know that there have been MAJOR problems for Mongoose with the factories in China...(like with the PLASTIC MI for example)...which forced them to 'slide/move/remove' the tentative releases for a LOT of stuff....(like the Sprite bikes, slingshots and many other items)...BACK...because of severe concerns about quality control.

Then, there was the 'infamous' oops with one of the two sculptors SUPPOSED to do his/her share of 'masters' for the LIGHT MI...causing them to be pushed back...yet again...till January or later...for the METAL versions of Light MI...

While I applaud Mongoose's dedication to quality and 'doing it right'...and I DO understand 'stuff happens'....and some of the issues...(like a sculptor NOT meeting a 'deadline'...) are beyond their does have an impact on us as customers/consumers/users of their products.

What IS the 'answer'?? Jeepers...IF I knew...I'd hire myself out as a consultant and solve all the world's problems and get fabulously rich and famous in the process of making a 'better world'...

What I could maybe a little more 'heads-up' from Mongoose on WHAT is being released....(at least as far as EARLIEST date we could expect it with a 'fudge factor'....) with the caveat that this is a TENTATIVE release schedule...and then have the schedule updated as things either 'move up' or 'slide'...and to know 'why'.

Now obviously...there are lisc agreements and other legal reasons why Mongoose can't show 'all their cards', all the time at once...and as things can happen...what if something DOESN'T work? What if a bug or other done and then they find...they just can't produce it realistically for a reasonable price...or it just wouldn't 'sell' enough to justify doing it???

These are all valid points...and something not just Mongoose, (which is a business...and not a 'non-profit organization'...even though many 'gamers' are part of it)...and we as customers/fans...HAVE to take into account. IF Mongoose 'guesses wrong'...then some people may be out of a job/on the street...while the gamers among us...end up with 'incomplete gaming systems'...(but nice/rare/collectibles as we have with many, MANY other systems in the past...).

So, IF it is 'far' 'long, long away'...2006, 2007 or LATER???

What about the 'skinnies' far as boxed sets...(like the MI) or other 'races' the machine race someone mentioned...or the other 'feral' race that raided Hesperus Base in the RPG book history...(that haven't been seen since????)...

I think we need some other 'foes'...besides JUST bugs...and sooner than later....(though I always want MORE the PLUTO HOPPER from the CGI series...the 'holy grail' of bugginess for me)...and we'd love to see...SHIPS!!!

Hey Mongoose...would it be have a 'special edition' version of the Valley Forge from the CGI series...done at a special promotion...for cons, or special the VICTORY class 'Excalibur' originally was done for B5??? at least 'test the waters'...for ship minis for SST???

And...please...could we have a more 'updated/potential release list'...along with more 'green/wip' images...(without violating any agreements/copyright/wip issues) help 'tide us over'...while we 'wait'???

Once again...I commend Mongoose for all they have done and are doing....I'm simply 'asking' a fan, as a consumer and user of their products...what is 'realistically feasible' a polite and hopefully 'coherent' way...and doing it where other interested parties can ask/see/contribute to the process...

thank you again...for everything...

David L Pinnick
aka Lt DWW Crazy 8's Squad Co and resident metal addict in Marietta Ohio...

Ps...when are Roughnecks available for pre-order??!!
dude, take a chill pill !!!!!

remember, time and money ins't limitless for any company, let alone a copmany just starting out on the Mini's market.

BFG is one of my favorite games ever, and i'd really LOVE a SST space combat game, but lets get priorities stright here.. let's let MP flesh out the SST mini's game first, and then worry about spin off games....

Also, i know MP's release schedule changes alot, but I look at the upcoming releases as a rough guide, not something set in concrete.
i like the fact on the web page is an outline, yeah it isn't accurate, but the outline is all i want, wait till till '08 for a ship based game to turn up, give SST tabletop some time to dig in for the GW assault against us.

While i would love to see it, you have to look at what happened to BFG, mail order only, which sucks, but then the rules were abit complex for me to learn, but once i did i managed to run a game purely by memory.

The other thing to look at is that the rules need to be properly done for the game, otherwise would you play? Crap rules generally means crap game, unless we rewrite the whole thing for us.
First of all...I'm VERY aware that even Mongoose has finite resources, time, money, sculptors and devote to their products...especially producing NEW products.

They also produce MORE than one line of gaming materials BESIDES SST....(wargame or RPG)...

I was simply expressing my in the forum that has been set up for such things...along with a little 'pole' to interest IN what I said...simply as another way of bringing attention to the idea.

The final choice is NOT my 'paycheck' doesn't depend on whether I make the right business decisions on what Mongoose does or doesn't do. I can only make my opinions/feelings/wants known and 'vote with my purchasing dollar' buying the products that I DO want...and encouraging others to do the same.

If 50 people all want the starships produced...Mongoose might not want ot even consider it....but if 500, 5000, 10,000 or more start asking for the same thing...then will garner a bit more attention/priority?

Supply and of the driving forces of 'free enterprise'...the more people who want the same things....the more chances someone will do it/make it, etc to meet that demand.

Let me make it clear....I would rather NEVER see Mongoose even consider doing SST ship miniatures....IF they would 'lose their shirts' on it....and put the rest of the line/company in 'danger'. Every new product they market...has it's 'risks and rewards'...and as stated before...even though they may play/game is STILL a 'business'...out to make a profit and survive...(just like any other business).

It's 'only a game'....but while it is a 'luxury/leisure-time' item for most of's THEIR 'paycheck/food on the table'...this IS their 'day job'!

So as much as I want to see STARSHIP minis for SST...(along with my BELOVED CGI Pluto Hopper varient!!! ).....IF it never happens because it just isn't 'doable'...or financially viable...then I'll make way or another.

I'd much rather see Mongoose survive and succeed doing enough 'main-stream' products....(especially for the SST universe, among others)...than risk it on some 'edge of the market' item.

We all know the problems they've had with some of their plastics, the Light MI...and factory(s) in China, etc...and they took it on the 'chin' for it...and went to metals...(for same PRICE!!!!) only to have one of the two sculptors they got together for it...MISS a crucial deadline and delay production. 'STUFF' happens...and all in all...I might even 'whine' about it, (since it is a 'God-given right to freedom of speech' and WHINING)...but that doesn't mean I don't UNDERSTAND it...or am going to 'pout'/boycott them over something beyond their control???

Mongoose Matt and all the other chaps I've had contact with in the Mongoose organization...have always, ALWAYS been very polite, courteous and 'up front' with me. From replacement parts/missing parts to the recent 'S*P' product 'exchange' for subscription completion. I can say NOTHING but 'good stuff' about the whole organization!

Am I 'impatient' sometimes...HECK YES! It's because I'm so EXCITED about the products/game/miniatures and more that they are doing. I can't HELP's like a kid waiting at the top of the stairs for CHRISTMAS morning to arrive!

But does that mean I'm going to 'rip them a new one'...over delays/teasers or differences in what I want/vs what they find 'do-able/marketable'...etc....???

NO WAY! They have ALWAYS done right by me...and a lot of other people I know...and those I've met here and on TMP...etc. If it isn't broken....dont' try to 'fix' it...

I'm SIMPLY expressing myself, my feelings and what I'd like to see ONE person. Maybe others would like to see the same thing...maybe not...but the FINAL decision has to be Mongoose's...and with an eye to whether it is feasible or not...financially as well as production-wise.

So yes....I am 'chilling out' one sense...I'm just 'excited' about the SST products...(one of many fine games/systems/minis' lines they produce)...just like others are about Conan/B5 and more. If they weren't doing something right...they would have been gone a long time many others have come and gone.

In conclusion...I would love to see SST starship minis...(and my beloved CGI Pluto 'hopper')...SOMEDAY...but whether it happens or not...they are still doing a lot of good stuff that I will be buying and using and telling others about here, on TMP and in gaming groups, etc. THAT is the 'bottom line'...They do good stuff and I plan to get what I can/as I can and encourage others to do the that they CAN do more stuff for all of us..(and feed their families at the same time!!!)

Most Respectfully,
David Pinnick aka Lt DWW Crazy 8's squad co and avid 'Mongoose supporter'.
Lt DWW said:
......So as much as I want to see STARSHIP minis for SST...(along with my BELOVED CGI Pluto Hopper varient!!! ).....IF it never happens because it just isn't 'doable'...or financially viable...then I'll make way or another.'/quote]


What are the chances of you getting your Pluto Hopper? (Was it really Pluto btw? Has Pluto got an atmosphere? Don't things with wings need an atmosphere in order to be able to fly?)

There were hoppers on Zegema Beach in the Hydora episode. Great big fly-like things, with a gold-purple-green-metallic sheen to them. And I agree they are good but the Goose have provided a Hopper model to start off with. They have a gazzillion more bugs and MI and LAMI and vehicles in the pipeline that they would perhaps make better sales on before putting the work in on another Hopper type.

I wouldn't hold your breath for anything official. Put your energy into scratch building some. It just need a little creativity.

This thread has a good looking flying thing. You could chop the overlarge head off and model on a small PlutoHopper head, bulk up the body a bit and give it some paint and maybe come out with something good?
anton970 said:
cracking suggestion but....

you've got a limited number of fleets that you could produce,


until matt and the boys bring further races into the SST range its going to be limited,

I think these would be the main issues as well in developing such a game....i mean B5 has like dozens of races so you can make ships for them but three is just too limited for starship combat. I mean huge bugs are time consuming to grow and the skinnies always struck to me as a race who prefer small scale battles so raiders at most so the MI Navy would be the only one most developed. I think we should wait until more interesting races are introduced THEN start asking. I mean i also want to see some cool space miniatures but......
Far as I know, the arachnids have only one (type of) ship. And bug filled rocks. Seems to me that it would be really hard to pilot an asteroid.

Brett Hartt
i would too, but we'll need real options to play before it happens, now really unless msprange would care to add a possible timeline i'd say we are looking at the '08 to '09 period before we even see trial rules.