Noob Question: EP & Trees

Since RL druids were known to be associated with trees, why is EP drawn from stones but not trees? Cannot trees also be sources for EP as well?
Certainly Tir Nan Og is not devoid of trees.
the stored ep could be in a living tree but to get the power it whould kill the tree so against most values I allow wood henges and wooden tablets but they hold far less power and use distroys them far quicker then say granite I also have less power in say limestone than a gem but that is a inhouse rule but one that works for me.
I would say that the Drune Lords of south wouldn't have any problem using Trees for their Earth power.

They wouldn't even mind using people.
problem is their master is the old horned god and while evil the woods are his domain so is it a good idea to upset the boss based this on the events in sky charriots as the drune had no real defence from the wild powered by you know who 8)
I forgot the other Drune's name. I think it may have been Slough Throt and the one he was running from Lord Weird Slough Feg. The old Horned God.
Just a little homebrew. If it conflicts with the comics or RPG, just let me know. I'm new to Slaine (3-4 weeks) and am still learning the ropes.


Tap Oak

The ancient Druids drew Earth Power from trees before they learned to use weirdstones and dolmens.

Prerequisites: Wis 12+, Concentration. (Some tribes may require this feat as a prerequisite to Tap Weirdstone and Tap Dolmen feats.)

Benefit: This feat has three main uses: 1) You can sense if an oak tree's rest period (see below) has fully elapsed and it is safe to draw Earth Power therefrom, 2) you can estimate the number of Earth Power points in a given tree, and 3) you can tap the Earth Power from a tree.


An oak needs a rest period of 4 full years between drainages, else the tree goes into a form of shock and completely dies. A drainage period is deemed terminated once the subject's hands are removed from the trunk of the tree. If a tree dies as a direct result of being tapped it is considered murder by the Druids and in some tribes this deed is punished by death, or in the least permanent banishment, especially if the oak is several centuries old. The rest-period for a tree other than oak is 8 years, instead of an oak's 4 years.

An oak's EPs can be replenished at rate of 1 year/EP drained. Other trees need four times longer to restore their level of Earth Power.

You must place one or both hands on the trunk of the tree and make a Concentration check DC 15 and requires no less than 30 rounds (3 minutes). Success means that you can discern that the rest period has passed and the tree can be tapped without harm to it. If you beat the DC by 5 or more the time required is halved (15 rounds, or 1 1/2 minutes). Failure means that you may either be convinced that the rest period has elapsed (but really has not), or that you cannot tell, at the Games Master's discretion.

An oak within an oak-wood (quercetum) of 50 to 100 trees can be tapped after a rest-period of only 1 year instead of 4 years. An oak that has been tapped can replenish its EP more quicky when surrounded by or in the company of others of its species. If in a quercetum of more than 100 oaks the rest-period is a mere 6 months.


Additionally, you can estimate the number of EP in a given oak. This estimation is similar to the Appraise skill. You make an Appraise (tree) check at DC 20, taking into account the size of the overall specimen, the girth of its trunk, the breadth of its boughs, the hue of its foliage, the texture of its bark, and place both hands onto the trunk of the tree in question.

1) If you have 5 or more ranks in Knowledge (nature) and/or Wilderness Lore you may add a +2 synergy bonus to the check.
2) If you have 5 or more ranks in Concentration you may add an additional +2 synergy bonus to the check as well.

At least 50 rounds (5 minutes) is necessary to make the determination, but if the Appraise roll beats the DC by 5 or more the time required is halved (thus 25 rounds, or 2 1/2 minutes). Success means that you accurately estimate the number of EP in the oak. Failure means that you have estimated the number of EP to be 50% to 150% of its actual contents, or (2d6+3) x 10.

An oak normally contains 1 EP per 10 years of age. Some extremely rare and fortunate oaks can live to the hoary age of one-and-a-half millenia (yielding up to 150 EP), but most die long before this of natural causes, disease, the axe of an ignorant forester, wicked Drunes, lightning, forest-fires, an evil army conducting a "slash-and-burn" campaign, or other causes. An oak near or over the millenium-mark is worshipped by druid and layman alike as a divine being in its own right.

In theory a sapling of less than ten years old does contain Earth Power, but only fractional in nature and thus useless in terms of potential tapping. Trees other than oak may be tapped but only at 1 EP/20 years of age.

Tapping Earth Power from a Tree

Each round you must make a Concentration check at DC 10. If successful, you may draw EP from the tree at the rate of 1 EP/round. If you fail your hands immediately leave the surface of the tree and any further drainage must occur after the proper rest period as described above.

If you (mistakenly) attempt to draw more EP from a tree than it contains, the tree immediately dies. The leaves will crumple, turn brown and fall off; the branches will become knarled like arthritic arms and fingers, and its bark will turn an ashen, grey colour. Some say that trees which suffer this fate become warped into frightening forms like tortured beings frozen at the moment of a hideous death. Trees in the Sourlands resemble this description.

Earth Power can only be tapped during Spring or Summer. If tapping is attempted during the Winter or Fall the tree will die within 1d8 days. Again, local Druids will regard this as murder and will seek out the offender aggressively.

Arbor Fulmine Icta

An oak that has been struck by lightning may be revered as consecrated by the sky-god(s), but in fact can only provide half as much EP. For example, an 800 year old oak struck by lightning will only offer a maximum 40 EP.

Age (years) Survival Chance Percentage
10 or less 10%
11-100 15%
101-200 20%
201-300 25%
301-400 30%
401-500 35%
501-600 40%
601-700 45%
701-800 50%
801-900 55%
901-1000 60%
1001-1100 65%
1101-1200 70%
1201-1300 75%
1301-1400 80%
1401-1500 85%
1500+ 90%

Consecrate and Trees

A tree which is the subject of a consecrate spell can bestow several benefits on a deity's faithful. For example, a worshipper of Danu within 10 feet of a consecrated tree can heal 1 point of damage or 1 point of an ability score per day while in that range.
Furthermore a consecrated tree having been struck by lightning has a better chance to survive. Increase the tree's survival chance percentage by 10%. When struck by lightning a consecrated tree does not suffer a reduction of EP, but the opposite: increase the tree's maximum possible EP by +10%. A consecrated tree's rest period is only 3 months, and it recovers lost EP at a rate of 1 EP/week.

What do you think?
For starters, You should be sending Role Playing related suggestions here.

Though it's appreciated that you let other people on the forum know about your suggestion.

Your idea does sound okay to me. I haven't yet had enough experience with the game to tell if it mesh's or clash's with the rest of the material.

Haveing just re-read through some of chapter dealing with Earth Power myself. I now understand that practically everything holds Earth Power to be harvested. Sometimes to the extreme of destroying that object.

I'm not so sure you should be making trees so fragile or hard to drain with out killing them though. But thats just my opinion.

A few questions I would like answered are concerning the effects that sourland has on people/animals traversing it. When Sourland drains Earth Power from anything.

1/ Where does it go?

2/ Is this a sign that the Sourland is healing itself?

3/ Is Sourland capable of being restored or is it irraversible?

4/ Does the Earth Power always go directly to the Standing Stones/Dolmens/foreign temples ( Stored for the use of the magic-user controling the sourland.) that drained the land in the first place?

5/ Are Standing Stones always the cause of Sourland?

6/ If Sourland isn't always caused by Standing Stones, then consider my second and third questions once again.

A few questions concerning what causes a Standing Stone to cause the land to sour in the first place.

1/ How do you measure how much the land sours?

2/ Is there a table for this somewhere?

3/ Does land have a Earth Power value?

About Slaine himself. Though can propably be found in the rule book somewhere. I'm just remembering a part in the 'Time-Killer' where it's said Slaine can warp Earth Power anywhere and at anytime. This is his signature ability and what separates him from other Warped warriors.

But what does it mean?
the sour lands are sour because of the standing stones draining EP to be used to power the flying fleet and of course to power the end of the world.till the effect of sour lands the drune lands while goddessless were much alike the tribes of the goddess just under the command of the drune.
I like your idea and will nick bits of it but also would be very good for slaine to have a few more peices in signs(plus you get payment I belive and your name in a mag which always loks good in a cv)
Thanks, tooty.
I thought that submitting the stuff to S&P would have been pointless, because I was under the impression that the Slaine line was all-but-extinct, and Mr. Belcher, et al. were not interested in any more Slaine contributions. If they are refitting Slaine into Runequest rules, I would be clueless as to that ruleset. As I mentioned above, I'm relatively new to the Slaine RPG so bear with me. :D
slaine will always be supported by signs part of the breif is support of the lesser games and so send it in ian can only say no :twisted: