Non-Occupation-Based Careers?


Cosmic Mongoose
What would you think of non-occupation-based careers? Things that consume your life but don't necessarily make your character any money (or not enough money to live on)? Things like Protestor, Volunteer, Exercise Fanatic, Miniatures Painter, etc. Hell, add RPG Designer in there. You know the people, those that work the day job to stay in their homes and spend every other waking moment doing their hobby or whatever. Traveller careers do not cover them well.

Would you like to see careers devoted to these people? Do you have any suggestions for any career you would like to see?


Cosmic Mongoose
A lot are covered in as much as you have the Truther and Believer careers in the Companion book now.


Protester - Truther/Believer.
Volunteer - Believer.
Exercise Fanatic - Believer (or maybe and Entertainer - Performer, if switching professional).
Miniatures Painter - Entertainer - Artist, as is RPG designer.


Banded Mongoose
Hm. I think most of these can already be considered covered by current careers, with a little bit of definition stretching. Protestor (particularly today's action-based travelling political activists) would be either drifters or agents (depending on whether they are person-in-the-streets cannon fodder or provocateurs), Volunteers would be workers of some sort, exercise fanatics are Athletes (maybe still amateur, but...), and miniatures painters would be artists. RPG designers are writers, another type of artist.


Emperor Mongoose

Somewhat easier with a points based discretionary character creation system.

You could create a specific Skill Package for similarly minded player (characters) groups.