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which back issues of S&P have worthwhile B5 material in them?

List of S&P Issues with B5 Material (Based on #1-17 inclusive)

#1 Mongoose Hall B5 Campaign Diary, Minbari Federation Fact Book Preview, Whispers in Darkness Scenario for B5
#2 Mongoose Hall B5 Campaign Diary, Revised Interceptor Rules for Main Rulebook, Using Cmdr Ivanova in your B5 RPG campaign, The Fiery Trial Designer's Notes
#3 B5 RPG Q&A, Londo Mollari as an NPC, The Pak'ma'ra
#4 Playing Garibaldi as an NPC
#5 Playing Morden as an NPC
#6 Centauri Prestige Classes, Hostage Situations by August Hahn (Not actually B5 but very useable and heavily themed for B5.)
#8 Mutai Scenario
#9 Corporations in B5 RPG
#10 Media Star Prestige Class for B5
#11 Dead Worlds in the B5 universe
#12 Martial arts for the B5 RPG
#13 NONE
#14 NONE
#15 Different Signs and Portents, (playing non canon B5 RPG), LightBringer Spaceship Source Material for B5 RPG
#16 Space Station Janos 5 source material and plot hooks for B5 RPG
#17 NONE
#18 Spacecraft based campaigns in the B5 RPG

List of S&P Issues with ACTA Material (Based on #1-17 inclusive)

#1-13 NONE
#14 EA Ship Variants (Reproduced in/from EA Fleet Box Set)
#15 NONE
#16 Tales From Mongoose Hall ACTA BAttle Report, Silent Run through NEfua Scenario (Map elsewhere in Issue), Second Battle for Quadrant 14 scenario (With Nefua scenario map, Quadrant 14 Scenario downloadable from Website)
#17 WarGames Training Scenarion for ACTA
#18 NONE

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