New Vorlon Servant Purpose?

Has anyone played around with a fan made purpose track for the Vorlon Servant? I have a vague idea for one that I am trying to flesh out and would like to see any other that anyone has made, or any ideas that there might be floating around out there. It is going to be very story driven, so I may take some liberty with the class, but would ilke it to be close to what is in No Surrender, No Retreat.

Anyone that has any ideas, please fling em out here! :)
I had a few more minutes and thought I would be more specific in what I am looking for.

This would be a class for a leader type of character. It would need to make him able to fight off telepaths (otherwise it may not be much use for a Vorlon agent I would think) although he may or may not be telepathic himself. It would enhance him somewhat as a warrior.

While the character would be in service of the side of light, they would not be a "follower" as the specific class I mentioned has it.

With that in mind, or with any other that you have done I'd love to see, does anyone have anything?
Purpose: Leader (someone give me a better title please)

The leader must be willing to lead any group into battle. He must be prepared to fight against any threat, and as such he is almost always telepathic, or altered to be telepathic.

Modification 1: The Vorlons modify the leader to make him able to lead any group of the younger races, negating any penalties suffered from inter racial interractions. He can also sense Vorlon fragments in other people so that he can identify others that have been touched by the Vorlons during the execution of his duties.

Modification 2: The Vorlons have increased the characters abilities to project his presence and will onto others, granting him a free telepathy feat. Furthermore, the Vorlons grant him a +1 to any interaction rolls based on social circumstance.

Haven't gotten much farther than this, but any ideas would be welcomed.
Seems to me that this purpose is modeled on Sheridan, as Carrier was on Lyta.

In which case teep abilities wouldn't necessarily be important. A kick ass mental shield perhaps but nothing else. Perhaps some of the Empath abilities could be modified to suit?...
More like Valen than Sheridan, Valen worked for the Vorlons mor ethan Sheridan did. but then Sinclair never quite got the whole picture.

I'm not sure I understand what you are saying LBH, but to me Sheridan was a Vorlon agent in way even though it was more of a pawn than a actual card bearing Vorlon cronie lol. But yeah, in some ways it is.

I do kind of like the idea of having telepath abilities though, as Vorlons would think of that as a fighting ability along with anything else I think.
While this is just my opinion, I think what LBH meant was that unlike Sheridan, Sinclair (as Valen) was modified in a way similar to Lyta. She was genetically modified into the weapon she became. Sheridan was who he was because he was a Nexus. Sinclair went from human to Minbari through the use of Vorlon technology. This might have added a number of things to him.

As to the concept of more servant types, I like it. I think it would be very useful to come up with other possibilities. I can't think of any right this moment, but I will try and come up with some possibilities.

that and it could be argued that sheridan's cool powers like being practically immune to mind control came from when he carried kosh around in his head rather than deliberate tampering,

a purpose built vorlon leader would proabably be either activly or latently telepathic as both sides did really consider that to be the ultimate 'weapon supply' even if it was latent id expect the vorlon touched to say sense the presence and touch of the shadows, shadow technology and have mental defences and possibly physical immunity to shadow technology, ie the control implant cant root in them, a high degree of empathy would also be useful to see through peoples agendas
Babylon 5 Aide said:
I'm not sure I understand what you are saying LBH, but to me Sheridan was a Vorlon agent in way even though it was more of a pawn than a actual card bearing Vorlon cronie lol. But yeah, in some ways it is.

Well little Johnny was never really modified by the Vorlons, apart from Kosh directly, more guided.

but since it is pretty likely that the Vorlons were responsible for the triluminbary and the Chrysalis tech, it would seem to me that they could have done all manner of things to Valen/Sinclair.