New to the Conan RPG


I am new to the Conan RPG. I found a "Pocket Edition" of the game and after skimming it, I think I have a winner on my hands here. Since I am wanting to run the game for a small group of players, I need to buy the core materials. I do not mind spending money on the game but the Source Books are pretty steep. I know I need the Main Book (Atlantean Edition?) The GM Screen, and the Road of Kings. What are the other "Must Haves" as far as the other source books go?

I appreciate the advice on this.

Id say the Scrolls of Skelos and Pirate Isles are gonna give you the tools to run a great, great variety of adventures.
It depends where you want to run your campaign. If its anything to do with coastal areas or islands, then yes, Pirate Isles will be invaluable to you. If your campaign will involve a lot of military adventures, or large scale battles, then Free Companies is your first place to look. Scrolls of Skelos is also a very good book but focuses on sorcery and demons almost exclusively.

So it really depends on your group and where you are starting your campaign.

I'm running my campaign out of Corinthia right now, and am finding the Aquilonia sourcebook and the Shadizar boxed set to be of great help. I also own the core rulebook, Road of Kings, Free Companies, Scrolls of Skelos, and Pirate Isles.
You are absolutely correct, you HAVE found a winner!

I suggest you sit down with your players and figure out what kind of campaign they would like to start off with; the previous suggestions are very good. Do they want to start off as pirates or maybe mercenaries? Maybe they would like to try their hand at exploring the Pictish wilderness?

Another consideration is the classes that your group will play. The Hyboria's series of books (Fiercest, Finest, Fallen) are very good and are highly suggested.

Even if you do not have a Scholar in your party,Scrolls of Skelos is very useful since the "Grand Poobah" of most adventures tends to be some kind of demonic outsider or a nasty sorcerer.

No matter what you pick up, you won't go wrong. It is my experiece that the COnan RPG line is very good when it comes to usable material as compared to other D20 products, even those made by WotC.
Technically, only the main rulebook is -essential-. If you really know your Hyboria, or don't care much for staying true to setting - you don't need Road of Kings. But I think it is considered a 'core' book as well.

All the other stuff is optional. You don't -have- to have it to run your game. So which, if any, of the supplements you buy is totally dependant on your style and what you want out of your games. Personally, I think Scrolls of Skelos is awesome and Hyboria's Finest is even better. They're not -necessary-, but they are -good to have-, a distinction posters sometimes don't think to make - but it does help the new people if we distinguish between what you need and what you might want to get.
I'd say Scrolls of Skelos is pretty key, it has a lot of useful material. I would also highly reccommend Tales of The Black Kingdoms, but must disclose that I am somewhat biased :wink:

Seriously, though, I'd also suggest the Road of Kings book...invaluable for a party that travels a lot.
My opinion, it's best to begin playing the game with figthing characters and no scholars, to get the right feel, so, my opinion, Scrolls of Skelos it's not needed at first. Then, if you haven't read already Howard's original tales, get them. The Wandering Star volumes (later published by Del Rey, I think) or the Millemium Fantasy Masterworks, are perfect. If you've read them, you surelly know where you want to begin the campaign, and then choose the right book. There's many books on different places, and Road of Kings is a general gazeteer. Besides, if you begin centering on fighting characters, you'll find great info on Hyborea's Fiercest, and for pirates and rogues Hyborea's Fallen, but they both are of course optional. If you're going to visit early on yuor campaign the cities of Shadizar or Messantia, there are two great boxes, too.
Without wanting to be rude: "search" this forum and you will find several threads where dozens of people gave their opinion - but I fear you'll not be much wiser after having read all the posts (information overload, incl. unlimited repetitions). :wink:
Thanks for the advice. I think I will look at the Scrolls of Skelos as well in addition to my earlier list, then as the game moves forward pick up additional source books as needed. As for the original stories by REH, I have been reading them in the 3 volume collection that came out over the last couple of years. I am a new "old" Conan fan. I was first introduced to the character via Marvel comics in the early 80's. It was not until Kurt Busiek and Cary Nord luanched the Dark Horse series that took an interest again in the character. From there I found the REH originals, etc.
The group I game with has had enough of the "LotR" high fantasy games for while. I think that the Conan RPG will make them appreciate clerics and magic items, as well as give them a taste of "high adventure."

Thank you