New to Babylon 5 RPG


If someone could answer my question(s) it will help me make up my mind about purchasing Babylon 5 RPG.

1. Do I need any of the 1st editon books to play 2nd edition or is the system starging out fresh? (money is tight these days and I would rather not have to shill out $350+ to bring myself up to date...)

2. Does the game tie into Babylon 5 Call to Arms at all?

Thanks and please help me make up my mind.
2) not really...I mean, you could use it as a sideline if you want - if a battle takes place in teh RPG you could resolve it with ACTA if you like - You're the GM after all! But the major spacecraft have a whole different set of stats in the core RPG rulebook and they don't seem intended to be used with mineatures.

1) you don't need any of the 1st edition books. Just like you don't need anything apart form the 3 core books to play D&D, but they are handy resources if they touch on an area you want to go in your game.

2) Not so much, there are slight ways to use the games together, but not really.