New summerlending knight feature: Instill Bravery



An Improved form of adress the troops, it works when he he doesn't know most of what the battle consists of, but he must still somewhat know the terrain, and finally, it instead of adress the troops bonuses, it give +2 dmg & atk, and If he exceeds the DC (25 for each) by 10 or more (and by lvl, i dunno 15 maybe? that will be very possible), they also get a +2 bonus to AC if uits the warfare check, and additional +2 atk & dmg if the otary check suceeds. Also, it wares off after 5 rounds of combat, instead of the normal... 2 was it?

Just a little idea for when you guys make more stuff, maybe make it 21+ or sumtin if you guys make it for the epic level stuff.

oh, and if you will, plz try and post new ideas for knight class features, us knights... *looks around* *is only knight here* poop. ;.;