New Secret Society

I've been trying this new secret society out in games its quite amusing watching the player's faces when they hear my whispered explination


Threat Class: C

Beliefs: Control is a bad thing and control comes from Secret Societies, which everyone knows are the Computer's creation. Individualists belive that people should be able to do their own thing free from the influence of others.
Friends: You've got to be kidding!
Enemies: All members of Secret Societies especially Iluminati!
Description: Individualists are far from common as they are far more highly paranoid than any other secret society and spend most of their meetings discussing "what's the point of being individualists when we're organised as a group" often violently. Their lack of respect for authority tends to get them terminated rather quickly too!
Recognition Signal: Sticking the middle finger up at a higher clearance citizen.
Advancement: Advancement is by reputation for being truly individual. Few citizens survive past degree 8!
Special Rules: Individualists gain the High alert speciality free and will gratuitously over react to any suggestion of secret society membership. They also blame the Iluminati for everything rather than the Comies.

Typical Individualist Conversation
First Individualist: Death to control!
Second Individualist: Death to the Computer!
Third Individualist: Death to the secret societies
Initiate: Power to the Individualists!
First Individualist: Did you just refer to us as a secret society?
Initiate: Well we are aren't we?


This could go another way if they didn't have their violent anti-authority attitude.

Each individualist has their own weird ideaology, and they only have meetings to make sure no one is copying someone else. (Kind of like the 'indie music scene' jerks, where if someone else listens to a band they like, then the jerk never listens to their music again.)

First Individualist: B3 is terrible! TeaSir is the beverage of choice!
Second Individualist: Hey! For days I've been preaching you only need to drink TeaSir to survive because solid food is a waste of credits!
First Individualist: This is different. I still think we should eat food, but only drink TeaSir.
Third Individualist: I dunno, seems kind of close. Could you choose another drink?
First Individualist: Fine! Forget it! Clones should never wear boots! Wear soylent wrappers instead!
Fourth Individualist: What!? All I ever wear are soylent wrappers!
First Individualist: *sigh*