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I have had a wee break from running an RPG for my group as we already have some excellent GM's. However the privaleges that GMing brings, ie a guaranteed chair are too good an opportunity to miss.
I have been able to borrow a friends copy of the rulebook, seeing as how it isn't currently available, can anyone give me any advice regarding the game, ie best starting level to ensure interest but not uberhard, classes to avoid that might be unbalancing, a good story to use etc? I'm making the assumption that like most games it is merely D+D in disguise, are there any quirks to watch out for?
I haven't read the lone wolf boks for about 20 years, so i'm hazy, but thanks to the link to the free books I hope to get back up to speed.
thanks for any advice
If you look at there are many Lone Wolf plots floating around there.

I do not think that starting level is an issue, as I always think lvl 1 is the place to start, IMHO. It is not really D&D disguised, as the classes are very very very specific (too specific IMHO), which may add more to the RPG element as it should force people in certain directions more than a regular D&D game.

Just some thougths,

You could always try ebay for copies of the main rule book I have seen a couple floating about on there. I would go for first level as well you could always level players up quickly for the first couple of levels. Quick adventures and then a level up at the end that kind of thing. I usualy start from first level as it gives players a chance to grow witht the character. Even a fifth level Kai can have a stack of abilities.

Cheers WW.
I'll check my local game store on sasturday, then contact the nice folks at dancing dryad if FB3 don't have it in.
My only issue with lvl 1 is that we play about 7 or 8 different games, and people are a bit fed up of starting at lvl 1 (or equivalent) AGAIN. . . . but I suppose it is a different game for them :)
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Ok hiffano, Start at level 4 or 5 at least, becuase that is the level the gamebooks start at. Its not overpowering at all, but your characters can actually do 'stuff'. You and your players will enjoy the experiance.

As for level 1, most pc's will be extremely incompetent at that level. Magnamund is a deadly world, and many of the critters in the bestiary, even the low powered ones, will crunch through level 1's.

Do NOT assume its dnd simplified, Lone Wolf is its own creature.

There are no feats for one thing.

Spellcasters have a feature called MAB (magick attack bonus) which means many spells can be cast multiple times in the same round as the sorceror's MAB increases above 5.

Certain classes have the ability to sense harm, or even sense 'doom' in the immediate future, so thats certainly something to watch out for. And I don't mean the paladin's sense evil ability, or the spell with the same name in dnd, these abilities in magnamund are much stronger and more specific.

The core spellcasters (crystal-star and dessi mage) and two others in the magic of magnamund sourcebook (herbalish and shianti sorceror) seriously outshine the core 'fighters' in terms of raw damage dealing. This is not really a balance issue, since this was always true in the gamebooks.

The classes are not 'balanced' agsint one another. There is a large power difference between the kai lord and the buccaneer for instance, and I don't mean in just damage dealing. However, again, this is true to teh gamebooks. Also the difference is not gamebreaking at all. But you should be aware of it.
cool, thanks for that.
I have been mooching through bits of the book, and noticed a number of changes and so on, I think i should re play the gamebooks again to get a better feeling for things, and then attempt a shorty learning adventure.
I just have to find the time... to many models to paint, to many other games to be played!!!
You can also download several Lone Wolf related articles (inlcuding Port Bax) from the online Signs and Portents magazine RPer.
If you would like the revist the world of Magnamund but can't find the books, this should satiate your apetite:

mthomason said:
If you're in the UK, we've still got at least one copy left (possibly two, but I'm not able to check right now)

Really? If that is so then I might be able to get a second copy afterall (having a player's copy frees up the Gm to handle other things).