New Precise Attack styles


My friend and i thought something like this: Fighter who really knows how to use his chosen weapon, should have more ways to use it and this is what we thought for starters:

Individual with base weapon skill at least 100% can feint his opponent.
By taking -40% to his attack the fighter feints his opponent who gets -20% to his parry or dodge. For every 50% of weapon skill over 100% (i.e. 150%, 200% and so on) the opponent gets -10% more. 200% is the limit though. So fighter with weapon skill 200% will take -40% to his attack and opponent gets -40% to his parry or dodge. this stacks with the minus from Overextended. Armor protects normally if the attack passes.

This will provide more possibilities for skilled fighter to wound an opponent. Of course, this works best for skills under 150%.

Any comments?