New MWWG Online Campaign!!!


I am eager to start up an online live-chat Macho Women with Guns campaign! There are sites such as, or where you can download software for real-time chat-room based role-playing! I've done it before with D&D and can't wait to try it with MWWG! I'll run it myself if I must; and put my own spin on it. Personally, I've always thought it was a bit monotonous that *all* Post-apocalyptic settings take place in a sand-blasted desert. Instead, the post-nuke world will mutate into a steamy, swampy marshland: loaded with evil, giant insects, carnivorous amphibians, and funky, aphrodisiac mushrooms. In such a humid, sweaty setting, anything more than a chainmail bikini will seem downright stuffy. We'll play up the 'historical misconception' device, with the sweaty women-warriors after The Dang burdened with hilarious misconceptions about life in the Olden days. (Let us offer sacrifice to Washington, Ancient God of Money and Commerce!)
I'm just hoping to find a few people interested! If this appeals to you at all, then email me directly and I'll start setting things up!
I'm forming a home-page for Macho Women with Guns live-chat adventures: