New(ish) DM



hey guys. i got hold of the core book for 2089 way back when it first came out, and we (our group) piloted the campaign with a single session - it promptly fell back into the drawer.

we all liked the world, but found that it was very technical, with a fair bit to consider (especially for me, the poor DM - especially considering that it was my first DM session). but apparently my group want to start it back up. im happy to do this, but do any of you have hints and tips for making life so much easier? for helping me work out the scenarios etc?


Looks like a good thread to watch as I have just recently brought the rule book and the D&D book needed to play he game. I have NEVER played any D&D of D20 RDG but liked the look of Armageddon as I used to be a big fan of Battletech back in its day. I have started reading through the books and am a little confused at what are probably really basic simple things to most other RPGers. So as a newby like this guy is new(ish) any info, help, advice etc from all you hard core gamers would be much appreciated.

Thanks folks