New From Joe: Map Boards & Poster Maps - On Pre-Order!


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We have something special for Lone Wolf fans coming up in November...

A collaboration between Joe Dever and Francesco Mattioli has produced two seriously cool items. First, a huge poster map of the World of Magnamund, ready to be pinned or framed on the wall of your gaming room to inspire your adventures to ever greater heights!

For those looking for more detail, the first set in a new line of map boards will also be available, covering Sommerlund, Durenor, Dessi and Vassagonia in exquisite detail. These sets will build up into a huge representation of Magnamund, allowing you to plot the advantures and voyages of Lone Wolf and your own characters.

You can find more details, as well as examples of the lovely artwork, at;
Hi Matt

I saw that Set 1 of the map boards is available for pre-order. How many sets are you planning to release in the future, and is there a timescale for their release?

Thanks for your help.

Wow these look great! :D

Looks like there could be 9 sets - 36 maps, 4 per set. Very nice. That means the world can go on the wall, and the others in a handy "book" format with the detail.
Mongoose is not actually producing these, we are just helping to spread the word :) Not too sure about the schedule for these boards.
I have the big poster map. It's so awesome. Now, I need these. Very cool item for Lone Wolf. Love it.

Having actually seen these map cards, I can tell you these are even more impressive than the images here. They are an absolutely must-have for any fan, hands down. There's no question I'll be collecting each and every one!