need help with these special items


Saw this list in an old lone wolf book. What do they do?
silver bracers
kagonite chainmail
korlinium scabbard

your help is appreciated!
The only one I remember in detail was the korlinium scabbard, which masked the goodly aura of the Sommerswerd from agents of the Darklords, making it impossible to detect LW through the sword itself.
silver bracers +2CS +1EP;
kagonite chainmail +3CS +1EP;
helshezag +5CS (+7 when used against a Darklord, +12 when used in Helgedad) -1EP in the second and subsequent rounds. This is the sword of Darklord Kraagenskul.

I know the Korlinium Scabbard was first made available to LW in Book 12, though there was a later book (I am not sure which one) wherein he is offered one as well.
All of those items are in book 12. [SPOILERS!] You need Curing in order to get the Silver Bracers. For the Kagonite chainmail, you need to pick a low number from the random number table during the naval battle near the coast of the Darklands. As for the Helshezag, well... that's an easy guess :wink: [/SPOILERS]
Several books in the Grand Master series also give you the Korlinium Scabbard, if you don't already have one. Book 14, 17, & 20 come to mind.