Need D&D Player's Guide to play Slaine?



Can I play the Slaine RPG with just the Slaine RPG rulebook? Do I NEED the 3rd Ed Dungeons & Dragons Players Guide, as I've seen suggested elsewhere?



You will need the d20 Players Handbook (3rd Ed) to play Slaine or you could use the Mongoose Pocket Players Handbook. Though all you really need are the feats and combat section. Its more a case of needing access to the information, rather than needing to own it.

The information not covered are attributes and character generation, combat, skills and feats. If any one in your group has a copy you should be fine.

Alternatively you could possibly keep an eye on Ebay for a 3rd Edition Players Handbook and get one on the cheap.


i fouind the 3rd ed players guide a waste of

seriously... sure for the feats and skills... but those can be found on any website


what i am about to post is legal

these were collected by Stephen D'angelo, who works with WOTC.... he mainly was doing the rules summeries for magic the gathering, but has since stopped doing those
If you can find the book used would be the best I mean spending 50 bucks a book is a bit much and especially for D&D books and if your buying like the Players' DM's guide and a monster manual is a little outrageous but all the points made are great that if you can find a buddy that has it borrow it from him/her or get him/her to bring it over when making characters?

I'm sure there are some used 3.0 books you could get your hands on? That is the version I have since I have no interest in buying 3.5 kinda silly really but what do ya do?