need D&D core books to play?



I was just wondering if I need the player's handbook or any other D&D manuals to play (or actually in my case run) this game?

.... BUT.... it does help if you are familiar with the core rules (espically if you are going to GM). Luckily you still don't need to buy the books because you can download the d20 System Refrence Document (SRD) here it is not only free but legal too! (now that's something you don't see on the internet very often isn't it :wink: )

And of course if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

Hope that helps.
I must admit that when I read the 1st Ed. rules alot of them left me completely mixed up.

I couldn't even get past the character creation. It seemed to me that you needed to know either D&D3 or D20 inside out. I have since found a guide to character creation on the net but it does not say much about the rules if you need to search the net to actually work out what the rules are going on about!

Not very intuative for someone who is not a D20 player, I was very disappointed. I've decided I will probably use the background fluff etc. from the Mongoose books, but go back to using my modified TSR Conan rules.