Narn Regime Fact Book

El Cid

What is the status on the Narn Regime Fact Book?

Yes, I know the Centauri book hasn't made its way to the stores yet.


Impatient Sidney
They are both coming, we promise. Centauri is in transit to warehouse right now, I believe. As for Narn, well... what do you expect? They are trained to jump you when you least expect them. :)

<wasn't aware he needed a translator>

I know that Centauri will literally be available any day now. Narn is complete and together. Last I heard, I believe it was at the printers, so that's a positive step past Approval. I just know how nebulous a time frame 'at the printers' can be, which is why I didn't say so the first time.

The _really_ good news is that Technomages has also been approved and is _also_ at the printers :)

Narn Regiome will be the last (fingers crossed/ignoring Babylon Curse) B5 book that will be late in the schedule. From now on, they will be coming out when we say they come out :)
Mongoose August said:
Correct. Both the Rangers and Psi-Corps will be getting a book of their own this year. :)


Oh yeah!

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I can't decide which one I wanna see 1st!!!