My new Two EA convertions.


Ok, There are my two new conversion in My EA fleet. I will the regular stads, but I love how the ship look. All the info was take in from

Ok This is the idea i have for the Command Omega.


I found in one of those B5 fans site. i don't remember where, But I really like it.

The other is this new Nova Delta.

E.A.S. MARTELLO - Nova Delta Class Dreadnought

The Nova Delta class was a gap filler ship intended to quickly rebuild a fair number of effective battle units after the Drakh attack. It was not intended to replace the Omega, (It lacks either artificial or simulated gravity, and has poor endurance), but to be an unit less expensive and faster to build, and capable to bring and power up a weapon payload heavier than the one of the Omega Destroyers and more balanced than the Weapon system of the old Nova in a battle situation.

Operationally, the Nova Delta is a pure ship killer, with hers weapon system structured for covering long, medium and short range, with a devastating forward volley capability, and a good anti-fighter point defence.

The propulsion plant is a standard Omega Gamma block that, matched to a ship lighter than the original Omega, gives a decent acceleration. Plasma thrusters on the tips of the side sponsons (the "wings") and on the forward and back sections of the main hull improve roll and pitch/yaw control, enabling the ship, if not to out-maneuver, at least to quickly bring the front (and the big guns) against an enemy; In fact, this ship can use very effectively his weapons emplacements. To eliminate the problems of power shortage of the old Novas, and to insure a good rate of fire, two dedicated reactors, aimed only at the weapons feeding or at the jump engine recharge, have been added amidships in the center block section: these reactors are a standard product, and have been installed eliminating almost all the facilities for troop transport capability, and retaining only one shuttle. The propellant/fuel tanks in the hull have been partially moved to the wings to allow room for the two add-on reactors.

The weapon system is based on eight powerful Westinghouse HLPA 2011 twin turrets (the four amidships being able to aim a target on the whole solid horizon from directly forward to directly backward), four heavy particle/pulse OMEGA turrets on the tips of the Wings (the two rear turrets can cover the whole solid horizon), a long barrel railgun on the top of the hammer, with limited forward, up/down and side fire arc, and the first operational model of a pulsed spinal laser, with his habitual power and cooling problems strongly improved, but not yet totally eliminated. Standard MK 2 interceptor (12 Omega WRK 1005 Phalanx anti-fighter emplacements) provides the short-range defense. 32 starfuries and a standard missile payload of 24 Sandia Shillelag are carried, but the missile system is based upon six launching tubes with automatic reloading, that allows the launch of a ripple of six missiles every eight seconds, enabling an effective saturation anti-ship barrage.
The fire arcs of the weapons have been improved to compensate the reduction of emplacements; the weapons themselves are proven and effective designs, quick to produce and to integrate. The whole weapon system, integrated with sensors and fire control systems of the last generation, is structured to give good all-around covering and awesome frontal arc firepower, with the capability to quickly point the nose and release a devastating salvo against a target and "punch a hole" in almost every hull.

The first unit, E.A.S Hammer, (from this the nickname "Sledgehammer" was given to the class) was followed by the E.A.S. Battleaxe, Claymore, Martello, Katana and Brodsword, all in service, with the second batch units entering service or making the shakedown cruise and the third batch still in the yards. E.A.S Katana and E.A.S. Martello proved themselves instrumentals in repelling a Ch'lonas raid in the Vesta belt colony sector on October 31st 2267 (the battle of Halloween), showing the usual raw and effective firepower of all the Nova hull based ships, but coupled, finally, with a more than acceptable speed and a nimbleness absolutely surprising in such a ship.

Class: Nova Delta
Type: Dreadnoght
Length: 1,680.6 meters
Mass: 34.5 million metric tons
Crew: 225
Troop: None
Fighter: 32 Mitchell-Hyundane SA 26-A Thunderbolt Starfury.

4*Westinghouse "Vulcan-VII" Fusion Reactors.
2*General Electric RCKA 238 Fusion Reactors.
4*Lockheed-General Electric I-75GE110 plasma engines.
2*Lockheed-Mitchell M51e6 Jump engines.

8*Westinghouse HLPA 2011 twin Heavy Plasma Cannon turrets.
4*Raytheon OMEGA Heavy Particle/Pulse turrets.
4*Raytheon OMEGA Heavy Particle cannons (rear firing)
1*A.M.S. QSL -2E Q-spoiling Hard-Ray Spinal Laser
2*Westinghouse-O.T.O.Melara HPM1 "Mjolnir" Heavy Plasma Mortars.
1*O.T.O.Melara 127/748 "Compact" railgun turret
12*Walther-Raytheon WRK 1005 Light Pulse Cannon Turrets.
24*Sandia "Shillelagh" Missiles, 6*Launching tubes

8 to 14 meter armored hull (Multi-layer CARBONAT 5 ™ composite armour).Anti Neutron ablative layer
16*Interceptor Mk. II Defense Grid Energy Projectors

And if I still have some money.....




The new Nova II class Dreadnought, waited for a long time, is the ship aimed to replace in hers original role the Nova DN, and will become a mainstay in the defensive and offensive operations of the fleets.
The history of the specifications that gave origin to this class is interesting, because she is, in fact, the outcome of the same concept materialized by the first Nova: bring in a battle situation a massive firepower, with heavy protection.The original Novas (Alpha and, later, Beta) performed very well in the Dilgar war and in the following period, but were inadequate during the Earth-Minbari war, essentially due to the technologycal gap between Earth and Minbari, and, not to forget, to the numerical and initiative advantage of the Minbari, coupled with the ineffectiveness of the E.A. Sensors and tracking systems.

After a long period of relative obscurity, The Novas came back to the lime light during the "Drakh Line Battle" in 2266, when many of these old dreadnoughts fought side by side with the Omegas and Warlocks. In that situation, the concept of Dreadnought in its antiship role was deadly effective, and revalued this specific mission, with three main consequences:

1- The Earthforce rushed in service the Nova Delta, that, even if the outcome of an emergency program, packs, in a ship smaller than the destroyers, the firepower of two and 1/2 Omegas, at a price lower than the one of a single destroyer. With a good maneuverability and powerful weapons in the same time, good sensors and better armor, this ship has proven itself capable and useful, even if limited in his operative roles, and will remain in service for a long time.

2- The Centurion program - This new class of ships is the total sum of the very best and most advanced technologies in terms of weapons, propulsion, armor and protection, sensors and systems. These very large units are something more than a simple Dreadnought, and are conceived to handle menaces of the highest level, but, even if they are probably the most powerful and effective warships of the E.A., they are very large, very complex, and more of all, extremely expensive. Because of this, and thanks to the polyvalence and effectiveness of the Warlock class destroyers, the Centurions will never be mass production ships.

3- The Nova II Program - The Eartforce expressed a specification for a "Line Dreadnought", with a basic artillery firepower close or equal to the Centurions, but very less expensive and faster to build than the Centurion itselves or even the Warlock class Heavy Destroyers: essentially it was the same concept materialized by the Nova Delta in respect to the Omega Destroyers, but in this case related to the Warlocks.

The Nova II Dreadnought is built around the same main artillery weapon system of the Centurion, Twelve M381 Gravitic Fusion pulse cannons for the short and medium range engagements and four heavy Hard Ray Q-Spoiling pulse lasers, in this case the Potent QSL-2T "Long Lance" used on the Tillmans, but with much smaller and less powerful G.O.D. cannons (The Mk.IX instead of the enormous Mk.MkX or MkXIII), less fighters and without the provisions for a gravitic drive. The propulsion and energy systems and the hull are proportionally smaller and of simpler design. The outcome is a warship of simple, straight lines, with formidable firepower, very heavy protection, excellent sensors and fair acceleration and maneuverability, well able to cover its role, at a price that is a fraction of the cost of a Centurion and that is just more than a half the one of a Warlock. More important, the ship is easy and fast to build, affordable, and extremely robust and sturdy, due to the heavy armor (Carbonat-VI-A multi layer) and to the refined design of the hull, with enhanced compartimentation, triple hull, and modular building: for example, the whole forward section (Hammer), heavily armored, holds the hangar, the main sensors and the launching tubes for the missiles. This is a virtually separated part of the hull, and, while able to take the hardest punishments without collapsing, can be detroyed and ripped avay, without the consequent destruction of the main hull, that is separated and protected by a triple armored bulkhead able to sustain even the explosion of one of the main missile magazines (magazines that are designed to explode forward and downward). The Magazines itselves are heavily armored. Similar design concepts are applied to all the other sections and systems: the main fusion reactors are installed in the section 4 ( The rear engine block ), while the auxiliary reactor is installed in the section 2 (the center section), that holds the Vortex Generators of the Jump Engine.

The Engines are four Lockheed-General Electric I-99GE05 Plasma engines, a development of the Beagle-Bryant BB-16-G of the Tillmans, powerful and affordable; the main energy grid is centered around five reactors: four Westinghouse "Event Horizon-IV" and a Westinghouse GRCK-3000 for weapon feeding and overpower availability, all Gravitic Enhanced Fusion Reactors, with the same conceptual scheme introduced by the Nova Delta and applied in many new buildings due to his simpleness and effectiveness. The GRCK-3000 reactor is utilized as auxiliary gravitic field source for the gravitic crew module (Gravity cage principle).

The weapon system, Beyond the main artillery, includes six heavy missile launching tubes with a reload and sixteen medium launching tubes with a reload, 32 starfuries, with the same hangar and catapult systems of the Omegas, four heavy railgun turrets and an excellent point defence based upon 24 light Particle/pulse turrets, with MK III interceptor grid and energy web.

Must be remarked the fact that the Nova II are extremely effective warships, but are unable to cover all the roles of the Warlocks Heavy Destroyers: the Warlocks will be the real backbone of the fleet, like the Omega actually are, due the well balanced design and operational flexibility; a Nova II is not a polyvalent unit, it is an iron fist, conceived essentially to be used in fleet engagements, and designed in function of standing power and artillery firepower. After the first 4 batches, the production shifted on the "Brigtwarrior" Nova II standard. The less recent ships have been upgraded at the same standard.

Class: Nova II
Type: Dreadnought
Length: 1,702.6 meters
Mass: 122.5 million metric tons
Acceleration: 3.15 G
Crew: 206
Troop: N.D.
Fighters: 32Lockheed SA 32-A Thunderbolt Starfury.

4*Westinghouse "Event Horizon-IV" Gravitic Enhanced Fusion Reactors.
4*Lockheed-General Electric I-99GE05 Fast Feeding Plasma Engines.
1*Westinghouse GRCK-3000 Gravitic Enhanced Fusion Reactor
2*Lockheed-Mitchell M51E16 Jump Vortex Generators.

2*Earthforce Arsenals Mk IX Heavy Particle G.O.D. cannons.
12*Westhinghouse-O.T.O. Melara M381 Heavy Gravitic Fusion Pulse cannons
4*A.M.S. QSL - 2T "Long Lance" Q-spoiling Hard-Ray Heavy Lasers.
4*O.T.O.Melara 406/240 "Vulcano" heavy railgun turrets.
2*Westinghouse-O.T.O.Melara HPM1 "Mjolnir" Heavy Plasma Mortars.
24*Walther-Raytheon WRK 1005 Pulse/Particle beam Cannons.
12*Raytheon "Blue Phoenix" Missiles,6*launching tubes with automatic loading.
32*Sandia "Shillelagh" Missiles,16*launching tubes with automatic loading.

12 to 28 meter armored hull (Multi-layer composite armour),CARBONAT VI-A series, anti-neutron ablative armour.
24*Interceptor Mk. III Defense Grid Energy Projectors
I have all ready an extra nova for the Nova Delta and I'm looking something to made the base for the cannons at the side opf the ship. I will see what could do at the weekend, anyone have an idea? :p
I like the first one except it looks too much warlock and not enough omega. I like the idea of getting in a gravity section rather than a rotating section, but then it switched out the engine cluster and added the honker of a cannon up front...

The others...not so much.
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I can be an official cheer leader if you would like? I look great in a mini-skirt and pom-poms... or so they say :D.

But seriously, your Tempest (was that it?) was great. Can't wait to see how you do with these new "challenges".

Best of luck, and I look forward to updates.
I like the last one - a Quasar Dreadnought, no? Look forward to your work!

OnlytheShadowKnows, nice avatar - "When will then be now?" Someone else can finish that one...

But if you and Geekybiker ever start debating in the same thread, that will be very annoying.
prelude_to_war said:
I like the last one - a Quasar Dreadnought, no? Look forward to your work!

OnlytheShadowKnows, nice avatar - "When will then be now?" Someone else can finish that one...

But if you and Geekybiker ever start debating in the same thread, that will be very annoying.

Colonel Sandurz: Just now. We're at now, now.
Dark Helmet: Go back to then!
Colonel Sandurz: When?
Dark Helmet: Now.
Colonel Sandurz: Now?
Dark Helmet: Now!
Colonel Sandurz: I can't.
Dark Helmet: Why?
Colonel Sandurz: We missed it.
Dark Helmet: When?
Colonel Sandurz: Just now.
Dark Helmet: When will then be now?
Colonel Sandurz: Soon.
Dark Helmet: How soon?

Thanks this is my favorite for now! :lol:
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good stuff.

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IIRC the line is actually:

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