My FLGS has a Metal Bound Judge Dredd RPG in stock!


I posted this on the Low Stock Warning of the General Discussion thread as well.

It's a brand new copy of the book.

lastbesthope said:
msprange said:
In addition, while moving office, we found the _very_ last metal-bound Limited Edition Judge Dredd RPG. Only 200 of these were made and this is the last unclaimed one. This is not available on our web site but if you are interested in grabbing this 2 Kg book (!), drop a line to and we will see if we can sort you out. First come, first served on this book!

If anyone is interested my local FLGS has 1, and only 1, copy of the Metal Bound Judge Dredd RPG in their window. I said I'd mention it on the boards to try and help them sell it.

Arabin said:
Out of curiosity, how much is the Judge Dredd Metal book?

The price tag on the book is £60, whether they're open to haggle depends on whether you want to try haggling or not.

The shop is Kathie's Comics in Bristol

Address :- Broadmead Gallery
The Galleries
Telephone Number :- +44 (0)117 9221170
Facsimile Number :- +44 (0)117 9277664
E-Mail :- Sales :-
Enquiries :-

Web Site :-

They do mail order over the phone or by e-mail. They're a good shop and have good customer service.

Any of the guys there should be able to help you with enquiries. The manager is called Joe, and if you speak to him, tell him you heard about it from Peter Perry. That way he'll owe me a favour! :D


Hope this helps someone.