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Hey guys, i'm new to the forums but not to wargames. I will need some dedicated ppl to help me compile data togther to create a really good campaign. As of now i have a almost definate name and planet size (thnxs to Mage for the suggestions). I need about 4 or so ppl to take up these jobs:
1. Senario Editor- This person creates or collects and modifies current senarios so we have enough to fufill the campagins full range.
2. Backround Editor- This person is tasked with writing the backround of the selected planet and giving a overall good spin to the campagin.
3. Army Roster Consultant- As i am new to the game, i will need an experianced SST player to map out differently but closely matched army specifications for each senario.
4. Special Rules Consultant- I need a person full of zeal and imagination. For each senario completed, the winner is given a certain bonus that could range from a special rule or extra points in the final game.
I need people to respond as fast as possible to get this in working order. People can private message me for each job above. If a large amount of people would like to contribute, then i will open more slots. This is an un-official campaign, made entirely by the members of the Mongoose Forums. So we need not worry about legal or any other trash to that nature. After consideration i have also decided to include the Skinny race in this campaign. One other thing i was thinking to mesh this togther. The arachnis are the common enemy, right? They do not ally with anyone. So if you are the M.I. or the Skinnies and you win a senario, you have the choice of choosing the next senario against either M.I. or Skinny Or Bugs.
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