MWWG: These Confederate Stormtroopers take over a town...


One day I got a fit of inspiration for an advanced class for Macho Women With Guns. The concept is a "Confederate Stormtrooper", who uses intense training and psionic-based powers to try to reverse the recent loss of territory in the Second Civil War and achieve a victory for the Second Confederation of American States.

Then I thought I should write a simple adventure using this advanced class. Perhaps a group of these stormtroopers take over a Union village near the front lines. That's easy, simple, and a good excuse for a series of fights.

My question is, how do I make this comedic? Unlike Escape from Madison, Wisconsin, where there are many opportunities to put in humor, a simple "Drive the baddies out of town" plot does not provide many opportunities for intrinsic humor.

One possibility is to have the PCs encounter a wounded NPC who can not be healed, and has just enough time to deliver a five minute monolog explaining the situation and giving the PCs enough information to know what they need to do, and then dies without the PCs being able to administer any form of healing that can help. I'm thinking maybe a black renegade nun who sped out of town to try to get help, and collapses from major blood loss just as the PCs encounter her.

So I come here asking for ideas. Besides the one above, are there any others?
I am eager to start up an online live-chat Macho Women with Guns campaign! There are sites such as, or where you can download software for real-time chat-room based role-playing! I've done it before with D&D and can't wait to try it with MWWG! I'll run it myself if I must; and put my own spin on it. Personally, I've always thought it was a bit monotonous that *all* Post-apocalyptic settings take place in a sand-blasted desert. Instead, the post-nuke world will mutate into a steamy, swampy marshland: loaded with evil, giant insects, carnivorous amphibians, and funky, aphrodisiac mushrooms. In such a humid, sweaty setting, anything more than a chainmail bikini will seem downright stuffy. We'll play up the 'historical misconception' device, with the sweaty women-warriors after The Dang burdened with hilarious misconceptions about life in the Olden days. (Let us offer sacrifice to Washington, Ancient God of Money and Commerce!)
I'm just hoping to find a few people interested! If this appeals to you at all, then email me directly and I'll start setting things up!