MWWG for the female gamer


As I am reworking MWWG in my own image, one thing I want to do is create a setting that a female gamer can get into, assuming that she is able to overlook a little political incorrectness here and there. Unfortunately, I'm a guy who does not get a lot of opportunity to discuss things with females who have a clue about what I am talking about. So I post here where there might be somebody who has an idea.

One dilemma is whether to include breast size as a game mechanic, or not. Instead of the complicated and probably unrealistic system in the book, I figure it is sufficient to just roll 1d4 for A, B, C, or D, add four if the Top Heavy disadvantage is selected, and add 1d8 if the Enlarged Breast mutation is rolled.

But then to be fair, there should be something equivalent for the guys. I mentioned this in one gaming group in which I was briefly associated, and the guys seemed to like this idea, maybe a little bit too much. I think the woman rolled her eyes. It might work, since the drawback of having "that thing" enlarged is a greater chance of being stunned in combat, as well as being unable to wear scanty attire and maintain a PG-13 level of decency.
er hard to say

MMWG is pretty much a guilty pleaseure that doesn't do well with the opposite sex.

You would have to see if they like xena and maybe tweak the overall feel accordingly.
Have to disagree! We don't play MWWG often, but the last game included three female clinical psychologists (including one head of department), a female broker, her boyfriend, a female lawyer, her husband and myself (male).

It was the Sex Presidents adventure and the biggest laugh was when the boyfriend (playing the token male pc) had to do a 'Sexy Dance' to get some information.

As long as everyone is equally OTT, I don't think it's a problem what sex the players are.
Funny someone should mention it...

As it happens, I am currently starting a small MWWG-campaign with 5 female players.

I got them on board by explaining that everything in this game is to be seen from the "young hormone-ridden male" perspective and that "it'd be mucho fun to see girls play it".

Well, it worked, as we do now have a renegade nun, a batwinged bimbo and an adventuress (the two last ladies will create their chars today, one of which will almost certainly pick Dominatrix).

The only thing I didn't take into the game where the cup-size and other inch-related stats, as none of the girls were able to imagine having GGG-sized breasts. For the rest, anything goes.

One male GM and five completely crazy ladies... looking forward to it !


There's a complicated listing for breast sizes, and I think it can serve an important role in game-play; if your breast size is larger than that of a woman you are interracting with, you gain a +2 morale bonus on Intimidation checks. Also, we need more feats like Dimensional Cleavage, that are only available to the bustiest gals.
I am eager to start up an online live-chat Macho Women with Guns campaign! There are sites such as, or where you can download software for real-time chat-room based role-playing! I've done it before with D&D and can't wait to try it with MWWG! I'll run it myself if I must; and put my own spin on it. Personally, I've always thought it was a bit monotonous that *all* Post-apocalyptic settings take place in a sand-blasted desert. Instead, the post-nuke world will mutate into a steamy, swampy marshland: loaded with evil, giant insects, carnivorous amphibians, and funky, aphrodisiac mushrooms. In such a humid, sweaty setting, anything more than a chainmail bikini will seem downright stuffy. We'll play up the 'historical misconception' device, with the sweaty women-warriors after The Dang burdened with hilarious misconceptions about life in the Olden days. (Let us offer sacrifice to Washington, Ancient God of Money and Commerce!)
I'm just hoping to find a few people interested! If this appeals to you at all, then email me directly and I'll start setting things up!
Irish games conventions have developed an odd culture of MMWG as run by women, and most male gamers now get nervous when they have to get too near a game that's in progress. You wouldn't want to be in any way insecure in your masculinity...