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ok, my band is a t a cross roads, we have to make a decision on what type of music we would like to play.

we have a couple of options:

take older songs and redo them to fit a new generation, (like what Nickleback did to Saturdaynights for Fighting).....

go industrial, this means we have to find a programmer (SP?).....

rock/blues style, no change in line up.....

now this last one is really really odd (i know i came up with it :lol:), take very old classical music (like Beethoven) and change it to metal.......

im only asking you all because the band is split for ways, im willing to give, but the others are sticking to their guns.

White Kids Love Hip-Hop!!!!!
personaly i say just play.

why stick your self in a pigeon hole ?

do what you do, or do all 4 in a combination of your best tallents (or lack of)

why cnat you do a beethoven rift with industrial background with a solid clasic metal bass line combined with rock blues song writing ability...

mix it all up, be your band .. dont be what other say they whant as for all they know they may never of ever heard there perfect sound and you could be sitting on it.

just my thoughts.

play just play and damn the Tags people give you.
yeah thats kinda why i pitched the classical metal idea, but they were all like "NO, NOBODY WILL LISTEN TO US, BLAH BLAH BLAH, IM A N00B, I THINK ALL KIDS HATE GOOD MUSIC" (i added that last part :lol:)
Personally, I wouldn't be asking a bunch of people on a forum where to take my band, and if they gave any suggestions I'd give them very specific directions as to what they could do with those suggestions. Just do whatever you want to.
i thought it was silly too, my band is asking everyone they know, and that includes internet buddies, i know its hypocritical, but you guys are basically the only ones i talk to on a continuious basis
Well from what you've said in this thread I would think Country music would be perfect for you guys. Why isn't that in the list? :mrgreen:
hi guys, my favorite Battle Music list:

- Metallica --> seek and destroy, metal militia
- Manowar --> Hail to england, Metal's King
- Running Wild --> Under Jolly Roger
- Richard Wagner --> Der Ring Des Nibelungen (Nibelungen Ring's ?? :oops: )
- Starship troopers (the film) B.S.O., Basil Poledouris masterpiece
- Conan the barbarian B.S.O
- The last of the mohicans B.S.O.
- The master of the rings B.S.O.
the day the world stood upside down and had a hangover from too much drinking with mars and venus at the hottest place of the universe....
maybe it's getting to late for me :lol: