Multiple firestorms...


Okay, I seem to recall reading somewhere that if you fire two firestorm missile packs and the first hits, you get a bonus somehow to the second volley due to the missiles following each other to the target - I really can't recall where, or did I just dream it?

Perhaps it was artillery fire, if one hits the target the second is assumed to fire for effect and doesn't need to roll to scatter?
If two dice rolled from a firestorm hit, it gains piercing/2 and multihit (IIRC). If you're firing multiple launchers together, then any two dice will count towards the increased power. I'm not sure if the dice need to be rolled from the same model or just from a unit though.
yup, as long as the model scores two hits, that gets the bonus. So it's always best to double them up in a unit. So two six guns on one, double firstorms on the other, rather than one each. (You need to roll the four dice for each model separately too, you can't roll two per firstorm in the unit).
Much more effective when duel wielded.