Mr. Sprange: Whatever happened to the Slaine Monster PDF's?

blue crane

Dear Sir,

Did you ever receive monsters for Slaine? As you are aware, I sent mine off a couple of months ago. Were enough received to make an illustrated PDF viable? If so, when will be able to view and obtain our copy of the PDF?

Thank you.

Kind regards,
Blue Crane
thank you old boy for your quick reply 8) one of the reasons you have as a company so many fans 8) will put my thinking cap on for a few more beasties and hopefully so will everyone else(hint,hint)
they need to fit into the slaine universe but as that managed to swallow the myths of king arthur without a ripple that is some cannon 8) they need to be new and they need too be sent too matt 8) at mongoose (can always use the contact tab on the mongoose forum)but please tell us on the forum a title of something so we dont all send in the same type of monster :roll:
well, i was definately under the assumption that the creatures needed to be home

it'd be nice to also have a nice list of undead creatures..

im almost tempted to take over this project myself... get you guys to send me stuff, and i'll make the silly pdf...

more on that in my thread.
no old boy let matt do it as he was going to comission artists for the PDF and give the controbutors a free copy just bring on the monsters.but thanks for the offer :D
ok doke..

i just wanna see product for this game... im not trying to do anything tol hurt it though...

if i do ever get a cease or be ceased order from the mongoose people, i'll stop hosting my stuff... that doesnt mean i will stop giving it to people... just means i wont publically host it..