Mould problems and ship generation


Just wondered - are the newer EA ships like the Warlock, nemesis, chronos, etc. of better casting quality than the old sculpts?

Of those ships, I have only seen a pair of Chronos "in person", and they looked good for what I could tell (weren´t mine). I´d sure hope that at least the new ships by Mongoose have a good casting quality; otherwise MGP might have to have a little talk with their foundry...
Well can't say from personal experience as I don't have any of them but the Warlock is an old AOG mould like most the range so is not actually as new as the Nemesis and other such.

I believe that the Chronos, Delphi and Apollo were only produced in FA scale by AOG and so their large scale moulds are probably more modern Mongoose items.

Just so we don't get confused between a fluff "new" ship and an actual new mould.

As you say. Although I've noticed that the last bunch of ships I received (Avenger, Torothas, Starfuries) were much better casts than some of the stuff I got previously.
Well I suppose they may have gotten round to making some new moulds for some of the older ships, May even have read that somewhere now, thinking about it, not sure where though. :oops:

Myself i have only old models from AOG.

But quality varies from nearly no work needed to impossible to assemble without extensive filing and pinning.

Fighters went from good to heavily covered in flash.