[Moon Toad Publishing]Scout Base 947 Adventure


Cosmic Mongoose
New from Moon Toad


The Purpose of this Adventure book is to provide the details of a frontier Scout Base, together with three different adventures, and some plot hooks set in the environment.
This type of base is the smallest maintained by the Scout Service, and is located on a backwater world in the Rim Edge subsector.
The book can provide the detailed background for a scout base as part of an on-going campaign, or can be used as a basis for a number of one-shot adventures.

This booklet contains:
· Detailed plans for the Subsector, the System, and the World.
· Plans for the immediate vicinity of the Base.
· Plans and Artwork for the Scout Base itself, and detailed plans of the interior (both empty and cluttered).
· Details of the Scout Base crew.
· Adventure details and modified plans for those adventures.
· Deck plans for a variant design of a 100 dt Scout/Courier.
· Pre-generated characters.

Roll D20 Assets included