Monster Question - Need Advice

I'm sending my players into the mountains before Corinthia...

I want to throw something 'non-human and monstrous' at them when they are there...

I would love to through something Lovecraftian at the group, but I have no idea what.

Anyone have suggestions? I'm sure some of you have used nasty stuff before. Haha.

Keep in mind that my group has never encountered anything supernatural or monster-like yet. They have never seen magic used either.

I think it's the perfect time to prove just how horrible the Hyborian Age really is.

So, any suggestions?
You can never go wrong with a good solid ghoul or two. If you want something more obviously supernatural, I have a soft spot for the Flying Polyp.

My first suggestion would be:
Mi-Go. (maybe known as mountain ghosts or mountain devíls here)

Ghouls are a good suggetion, they can appear almost everywhere.

Maybe a lonely Schoggoth (muahahaha).

Flying polyps are not existing here, they lived mostly in Australia, and maybe on parts of Mu and Lemuria.
Indeed ghouls are good, or a dimensional shambler for that matter. If you just want a random nasty they will be fine, if you want something rather more organised Mi Go are the ones to go for, especially as they can control or impersonate humans.

Byakhee are another possiblity now I think of it...