Mongoose Open Day, Any One Going?

I am a plane ticket and a ton of vacation time away from going, so the answer would probably be no for me, as I have no place to stay and no money to afford it if I were able to go.

You all have fun, would be nice to have one in the states one day.
I am going and will start collecting lone wolf at the open day am hearing good things about it and might have too run both conan and lone wolf at the same time if the twists in the campain dont take tham completly off course which has been known
It looks like I will indeed be there as well. Excellent! (I really enjoy the office and all the people there; I never get the chance to spend enough time with them. This should be great!)

Cool I'll be able to get a double signing of my rpg books. I'm definitely going so I look forward to seeing you all there.
redlaco said:
Even more tempting since they announced Mr. Joe Dever himself will be there... :eek:

What's worse is, working for an airline, I *could* fly there free...if I could get the time OFF. :evil: