Mongoose At Colours

The Greek

The Mongoose Infantry (well, Reborn and I) will be running games throughout the weekend at the Colours show in Newbury.

At the moment we have one table confirmed where we will be running Starship Troopers participation games. If the organisers are able to arrange it we will also have a second table up and running where we will run Babylon 5 - A Call To Arms on Saturday and Judge Dredd - Gangs of Mega-City One on Sunday. I will confirm these events as soon as I am able.

The Colours Show is the biggest show in the South of England, being staged at the Newbury Race Course, in the grandstand. It is an excellent facility with lots of space with some sixty traders attending selling all sorts of goodies (including SST and ACTA). It is chock full of participation and demo games and has an excellent Bring and Buy stall (which I always end up spending too much money on, sigh....). There are plenty of Participation games to get involved with and numerous demonstration games to have a good look at.
I think he was joking, but I also think he meant real fighting as opposed to wargaming. Ian was there, it was cool!!
Rob_alderman said:
I saw OB as well.

damn you all who didnt visit the other smaller hall where I was!!!!

Now Rob, when you start acting like a grown up, they'll let you into the grown up hall. Consider it an incentive to mature :lol:

I was in there last year you numpty. I was put in because I signed up late. Your 'witty' humour is more childish than anyone on this forum, hows about growing up yourself?