Modular Hull Price Error?


Cosmic Mongoose
Page 35 of Highguard has the following to say about Modular Hulls

For example, a 100 ton hull normally costs MCr2. If
30% of the ship’s hull is to be made modular, then the
cost of the hull is increased to MCr2.6, which is 130%
of the original cost. This results in 30 tons of the ship’s
components being easily swapped out from mission to

But page 10 of Highguard has the cost of a Hull at 50000 Credit per ton

A basic hull costs Cr50000 per ton. The ship will have 1
Hull point for every full 2.5 tons of hull.

So a 100 ton Hull would cost 5 million Credits, no? Making a 30 percent increase of modularity cost 1.5 million Credits extra, for a total of 6.5 million credits, not 2.6 Million as the book states.

Am I missing something?


Cosmic Mongoose
No, you are not missing anything.

The base cost of a 100 Dt hull is MCr 5, modified by configuration, light/reinforced hull, and non-gravity hull.

A Spherical Non-Gravity Hull would cost 100 Dt × Cr 25000 × 80% = MCr 2.

So an atypical 100 Dt hull could cost MCr 2.


Emperor Mongoose
Rule of thumb is to check all calculations based on spaceship designs.

Allocated modularization costs are an additional ten percent to the given hull cost, and in my opinion, pretty cheap.