(Modified) Macho Women With Guns: Escape from Madison


Forgive me, Our Lady Of The Sacred Chopper, for I have sinned.

Among my sins are preparing to convert the Macho Women with Guns setting to Dungeons and Dragons (hence the "Modified"), and perhaps taking the game a little bit more seriously than I should. Maybe rules lawyers shouldn't run a MMWG game.

On the other hand, since a previous attempt to run a scenario that was defined as a farce, flopped, perhaps it will work to treat the setting with the kind of dry irony that is my nature.

I've settled on a theme of "Escape from Madison, Wisconsin" (Madison happens to be the state capitol of the state of Wisconsin.) The plane of the President of the United States crash lands in Madison, which has been sealed off from the rest of the world by a siege set up by the Wausau Pact. (Wausau is another city in Wisconsin.) A lady with an eyepatch asks the PCs to rescue the President and get her out of town so she can be flown back to Washington, DC.

I'm interested in any ideas and advice that people might have on making this game a success.
Sounds like a great start but you could do with throwing in the odd cliche or two, or giving the players some leway for cartoon insanity! Clearly you won't want Witches, Batwinged Bimbos, Insane Bookworms and Renegade Nuns detracting from the more straight style of plot but try to aim for the happy balance. The best example from film would be True Lies a seriousish plot taken with a bit of a blaze lighthearted attitude. Mind you that goes for Swatzenager's entire career!
Utgardloki said:
A lady with an eyepatch asks the PCs to rescue the President and get her out of town so she can be flown back to Washington, DC.

She wouldn't happen to be called Mrs Plisken would she :D
Of course she is not called Mrs Plisken.

For one thing she is not married.

For another thing, her name is not Plisken, it is Kissken.

See, I am not totally ripping off my storyline from an unnamed 1980s science fiction movie...
Clearly you won't want Witches, Batwinged Bimbos, Insane Bookworms and Renegade Nuns detracting from the more straight style of plot

Actually, Renegade Nuns fit in very well in the post-Dang Wisconsin. I also created a class for the Lutheran Biker Chicks. Around Madison, Candlelight Witches would be very common. Batwinged Bimbos are a part of the setting, and there is no reason why some of them couldn't have flown to Wisconsin.

The plotline is set up by the conflict between the rival organizations called MATO (Milwaukee Area Technological Operatives) and the Wausau Pact. (Wausau is a city near the geographical center of Wisconsin.)

But I am taking this seriously. I am taking the steam-powered cows seriously, too.
I finally got a chance to write up a first pass at the Lutheran Biker Chick prestige class.

However, since I seem to be the only person who actually wants to play Dungeons and Dragons with future technology, I don't know if anybody can use the stats. It seems that D&D prestige classes are more powerful than d20 Modern advanced classes.

If anybody is interested, I can post the stats, although currently I am still getting ideas.

Next on my list is to write up the Emissaries of Phil.
I am still trying to figure out how to do the Escape from Madison, Wisconsin game. I need a scenario that starts in Platteville, Wisconsin, goes into Madison, and back again.

I figure I can keep the PCs from flying into Madison by having Extended Duration Aerial Battle Platforms flying over the city. The platforms are basically automated blimps armed with missiles and laser cannons.

So I need ideas how to flesh out the following sequence of events:

1. The PCs get into Madison, crossing about 80 miles of Wausau Pact-controlled territory and then about 10 miles of no-woman's-land.

2. The PCs search for the President in Madison.

3. The PCs get the President out of Madison.

Stealing from movies is allowed. Extra points are given for stealing from 1980s post-apocalyptic movies. Any ideas would be appreciated.
I don't know if I was overdoing this, but in brainstorming during dinner I came up with the following factions for Madison:

In no particular order:

1. South Side Swamp Women (there are swamps on the south side of the city)
2. Renegade Nuns (connected with the largest Catholic Church)
3. Lutheran Biker Chicks (at least two or three orders, connected with different Lutheran churches)
4. Administrators, Accountants and Lawyers (Based around the Capitol Building)
5. Harlequins (Emulation of the DC character)
6. Witches of Eastown
7. Battlemechbots (patroling the beltway)
8. UW - Madison Campus Girls
9. Justice Leage of Avengers (based in a comic book shop)
10. Madison Police Department
11. Farmers Market (The wall around Dane County includes farmland)
12. Neighborhood Watch
13. Lake Monona Monster
14. Holly Wood
15. The Cow
16. The Dominitrices (Madison has a BDSM community)
17. Rioters (some people just don't know when to stop)
18. Sistahs (a Black sisterhood)
19. White Church Militia (a white supremist group isolated by The Wall)
20. Mistress Rogers (A renegade dominitrix)

Am I leaving anybody out?
Allways worth aproaching racist characters with caution especially in a comedy game.

Nah, all I have to do is make sure that everybody has plenty of chairs to throw at people, maybe have Jerry Springer show up to ask questions, and everything should be set.