Missing Class Abilities

Hi, I'd just like to say that in my humble opinion the Cybernet rule book is possibly one of the greatest books ever published, mistakes and all, and since the faq that put some of these right it is even better. However I am about to run my second campaign, the first only lasted a short while just to get the feel of the game, and I find myself with a quandry. The Webcrawler class has a class ability called Prime Contact and I can't find any information anywhere about it. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm new to this whole forum thingy, so please be kind :roll:
Welcome to the Forums. Glad to hear you like OGL CyberNet and are actually playing it! So the question then is... do you have the officially licensed soundtrack yet?

ambient, techno, electronica with some guitars and world music flava.

http://www.acidplanet.com/Stratos for some samples of my work including three tracks from the CyberNet Official RPG Soundtrack.
"Prime Contact" is a Connection class ability thing. Other classes can get this as well at certain points, but it is only found in the connection description. Look there. And buy the soundtrack...