MiniPainters Contest 3 - Fantasy '06


Hi all! Thanks to Old Bear for letting me post this :). Over at MiniPainters we are holding our third painting contest! All the details are below :)


It is time to announce our 3rd Contest! Below you will find all the information you will need. After the success of our last contest we're excited about this one.

There have been a number of changes to the rules this time around, mainly to mix things up a little bit and to see how things go. Please make sure you understand these guidelines before entering.

Fantasy 2006

The Theme
The theme for the 3rd contest, essentially mirroring the last - Fantasy. This covers anything with a fantastical "feel" or "atmosphere". This, like last time, gives lots of scope and we'd like to think it will encourage imagination in contestants entries - You are not limited other than the fantasy theme so you can let you're creative juices run wild! The only limitations we're giving are the following:

- You entry may include 1 or more miniatures – it is totally up to you.
- You may only enter once.
- Your entry must be a recent paint job - this is at MP staff's discretion.

The Time Frame
The competition will be open for entries from September 2nd. The deadline for submissions is Saturday October 8th 2006 - 5 weeks after the entry date. We have decided to extend the entry period by one week giving entrants that little bit extra time to get their entry complete.

How to Enter
The entry procedure for this contest will differ slightly from the last. On September 2nd you will find a "Contests" menu tab across the top of the site (alongside Home, Tutorials and Forum). Clicking this tab will take you to a new "Contests" section, where you'll be able to submit your entry. You must be a registered member of MiniPainters in order to take part.

Entries will appear in this new section of the website anonymously. In previous contests entries were posted publicly and we'd like to see how the contest will run in an anonymous fashion. With each photo you will be able to comment on entries and contestants are free to upload revisions to their entries if they so wish anytime before the entries close. Please keep any comments constructive.

The Write Up
Keeping in the spirit of learning and sharing knowledge, we ask that you post some sort of write up about your piece. It may be a full guide with step by step shots or your thinking process or how you painted a particular part you are proud of for example.

The Judging
All entries will go to a public vote on October 9th 2006. MiniPainters staff will also have a private vote. These votes will make up 50% of the final vote each. Voting will last for 1 week and then the final results will be announced!

The Prizes & Sponsors
The following companies have kindly offered to sponsor Contest 3. An announcement with final prizes and sponsor list will be made when everything has been finalised.

If you are interested in sponsoring the contest in some way, please get in touch with us here.

Winners Showcase
Winners will also have their entries showcased on the front page of the website, along with being showcased in the new Contests section.

I think that is all, if you have any questions etc visit the contests section on our site

Good luck all and lots of fun!