Any more news on the miniatures. What figures do other gms use out there??
I have noticed that Gw do a box set of plastic Haradrim? These would be great to convert into turanians/ nomads :wink:
The RAFM Cthulhu minis have a good collection of monsters (Ghouls, Serpentmen, Giant Snake) I also have a great set of Barbarians with a choice of axes!

I also use fantasy mix and Mithril LOTR figures (Human Slaves and some mounted figures)

I also have some gypsy figures, I think they are vampire minis(?) But they look good.

I got a bagful from a friend who found them in his new apartment and knew I painted them so he gave them to me, so I have a ton of Fantasy and vampire style minis. Dead Lucky I am!
I use the D&D minis when I can. Otherwise I use the tiles from the Shadizar and Messentia box sets.

Most of the battle should be taking place in the PCs minds, the minis are just there to make sure everyone is on the same page rules wise, so I don’t exude to much effort trying to track down representative minis.
The Sessair and Drune Celts fromRackham have some great figsd for Cimmerians and Picts. Reaper has plenty of nordic types as well as knights and such. The GW Brettonians and Empire as well as some of the Dogs of War are all a good fit for Hyborian kingdoms and War Gods of AEgyptus likely has some nice Stygian-style figs. I haven't looked at them but it seems logical.
Another good set for barbarian minis is the "Keltos" line. While the company, I-Kore, went under, there are still plenty floating around in shops and on-line.