Hi, I've read a lot of the posts asking for this supplement and that supplement, and also a few asking for my main interest: Miniatures. I was just wondering how realistic an expectation it would be to assume that a miniatures line would make an appearance? Thanks for your time.
Hi, Matthew!

According to your last post - I`m interested in guest`s question, too. How realistic is a A:2089 miniatures game - at the moment?
Are there some news about the A:2089 miniatures game?
It is going to be a while yet, though we have been talking about A2089 recently. We'll just have to see what comes of it. . .
Hi, Team Mongoose!

I couldn`T write you a very long time, because my job prevented it in a very effective way......!

Last time I went to my game center in Vienna I saw the new Dark Age sourcebook - Book of Destruction.....I was very surprised by the quality of rendered mech images....perhaps this book will be an inspiration for future A:2089 miniatures sourcebooks...!?

Are there some news about A:2089 miniatures ?

Nice greetings from Austria