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I just want to ask what happened to the idea of a warmek miniatures game.....!?
That`s great to hear!

According to your `2005 announcements` post - you will concentrate on the starship troopers miniatures game. Is there a chance to get some pictures or introductions for the A2089 miniatures game during 2005?
A2089 is indeed planned for 2005, but it is very much later in the year, so I am afraid a little more waiting is in order :)
I hope there will be some cool, new warmeks - expansion packs and technical read outs like you have done in ACTA/B 5 universe....

Some members of my gaming group are extremely curious, too - I hope you will release some informations about this game during the next year!!

Hello Mongoose !

I am glad to hear that the A:2089 miniatures game is planned for 2005 - that could be a real winner !!! I will definitely buy this game, i just hope the rules system is easy to understand but complex and deep, and there should be a great variety of different warmeks... any information available about that (PLEASE, I would like to start planning my army).
See you later...and GO GO GO
Hello Mongoose!

I`m longing for this game - the szenerio, the warmeks, near future timeline and technic are a great mixture!!

Are there any A2089 miniature games topics to discuss - I guess that discussing the new A 2089 game at the forum will draw some attention to this game....

I wish you good ideas and an account with a lot of money for the next new year
I'm working on it.

The present combat model is based on armour penetration. If a shot bounces off, that's all it does - no damage. You can't scrub a Supergiant Mek to death with a 20mm cannon. If you achieve penetration, you do internal damage BUT the armour remains largely intact. This means that Meks tend to die slowly under you rather than lose all their armour and suddenly collapse.

Except the time in playtest where we missile salvoed from opposite ends of the table. After ECM and point-defence, one missile from each salvo leaked through. Mine penetrated and hit Nate's reactor, doing just enough to cripple his Mek. His penetrated and scored a cockpit hit - and rolled a Pilot Killed result.

Two Meks toppled simultaneously over. This does not normally happen, but it was fun...
The new rules draw on my experience in the real-world arms trade, and try to simulate things like smart munitions, layered missile defences (Area, ECM, Point, Decoy,CIWS) and such.

The penetration/damage system means that there is a serious tradeoff to be made between weapons that can punch a hole in a big Mek's armour but cost a lot, and volume of fire.

Forex, the Free British Huscarl Mek mounts two pairs of twin 40mm cannon and a pair of HMGs. At close range, eg in urban terrain, it's ideal for chewing up lighter Meks fast, and it's awesome for getting rid of satchel-charge-armed heroes. It has real difficulty doing anything to a properly armoured Mek of simialr size though. It's cheap and, used right, effective. But a battlewagon it is not.

On the other hand, you could build a Mek of similar size armed with a hypervelocity cannon (the 'poor man's rail gun') which has awesome penetration but not particualrly great damage - and a high price tag. Such a Mek would be able to hurt big heavy units, though each hit would not be very serious. (Try fighting with an intact Mek whose fire control computer is Degraded due to a single penetrating hit and you'll get an interesting definition of 'not very serious'!).
Hi MJD !

Your A289 news are great .........sounds really great!!!!!
Hoe you will write some future news about the game`s develoment!!!

Good luck :D
msprange said:
A2089 is indeed planned for 2005, but it is very much later in the year, so I am afraid a little more waiting is in order :)

Want the new shiny things!

@ Mr Evil Warmeks are the big nasty things in A:2089

@MJD, if you need any help with weapons I have a little experience in the weapons industry myself, mainly missiles. I might be a little use or of little use :D