Minbari Warrior Caste and Narn Warriors?


Saw these listed under the upcoming releases for Babylon 5, has there been any information as to what they are? Books similar to the Earthforce Campaign book, figure minis?

28mm, perfect for Games Workshop armies like Imperial Guard and Daemonhunters (might be really nice to use them in 1/2 Scale Inquisitor or Necromunda).
Any chance on getting any more information like quantities of models, plastic or metal, etc?

I would like to get an idea on how many boxes to pre-order. With a little more information I'll order more than ONE. :wink:
Just noticed the preview picture for the Minbari Warrior Caste is up here.

Quite impressed, to say the least. Especially the ones with the banner and the fighting pikes... ;-)

They certainly look good and I'll be getting a box for my collection.
I must admit I would have liked more armed with guns than pikes, but that's just me :)

Any one know if individual figures will be available? Then I could make my own Minbari rifle platoon :lol:

Hm, well, the sculpts look okay, but not fantastic. Somehow they have very similar grumpy faces and it seems as if there were no females among them, which is bad since my minbari warrior caste player (and her character) is female. Single figures or small blisters would be better, I think, since most people just want their player characters or is there any kind of skirmish game planned with the 28mm B5 minis?
Questions, questions:

1. Why no females and will there be an option for them at some point?
I was expecting Minbari and Narn warriors to have a mix of sexes.

2. Are these metal or plasitc?

3. If plastic, are there weapon options? I was hoping to have rifle squads of various races. If there aren't weapon options available, will say, minbari rifles be available for conversions?
B5Temple said:
I think these look awesome. Great work Mongoose!!! :D

I concur. Umm ... has anyone else noticed the Centauri Royal Guard and EarthForce Personnel on the B5 Roleplaying page?

As Catlion suggested, they do look oriented more towards a skirmish force, rather than RPing. Is this going to change? I'd love to see a few more character miniatures? Or is there another B5 minis-game on the horizon, either skirmish-level (like Gangs of MC-1) or squad level (like Starship Troopers)?

Inquiring minds would like to know!
Greg Smith said:
The is a 10mm battle game coming. (See the B5 Open Day thread).

Ah. Thanks. Though isn't this an unusual scale for a "grand scale" SF game? Most seem to be 6mm ...

Any plans for packs of miscellaneous 28mm characters (similar to the Lone Wolf and Paranoia ones)?
Participant-Observer said:
Greg Smith said:
The is a 10mm battle game coming. (See the B5 Open Day thread).

Ah. Thanks. Though isn't this an unusual scale for a "grand scale" SF game? Most seem to be 6mm ...

AOG's GROPOS game was also 10mm so that's probably why this one is ;)

But 10mm is a lovely scale - you can actually get a good paintjob on the infantry if you put your mind to it. It also means N Scale railway scenics are pretty much directly compatible. Also, there's lots of fantasy miniatures available in this size as well (Warmaster...) some of which would probably bear conversion.
Ah..."Grand Scale". Wasn't GROPOS more like Flames of War than EPIC40K?

Meaning it was more company/battalion level, like Flames of War than Regimental/Divisional like EPIC?

That would explain the use of 10mm vs. a smaller scale in the original game. Still 10mm for a Regimental/Divisional game wouldn't be a problem for me to grasp. So long as it's at company level or higher I'll be happy with it.

And those new Minbari Warrios look good, I'll have to pick some up and spend some serious painting time on them. B5 models deserve no less! :lol:
Shadow Queen said:
Just think of what the shadows are going to be like and the Rangers mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Me wants

Me too! :lol:

It seems that I will I will have to dig out my old AOG GROPO figs and vehicles after all...... :D