MI Only Bar: Fleet Not Welcome.

Should "The Rowdy Parrot" become the "official" SST Bar/Pub?

  • Yes...HELL YES! Taco RULES!

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  • I like the idea.

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  • Sure...as long as it doesn't sh*t on my posts.

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  • No opinion.

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  • No! Birds spread bird flu!

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  • NO WAY!!! I'm scared of birds!

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  • I think a Gay Cowboy would be better.

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Just taking a break, and I thought I'd introduce all you Cap troopers out there to the ONLY watering hole for the Federation's Finest!


Actually...this was gonna be nose art for the F76 at first, so that's how it wound up in the miniatures forum. Hmmm...maybe Marauder art?

Ya know...we don't have a bar for this forum yet...so this is my submission. :lol:

veon said:
Yay for taco! Now who will be the bartender....

That would be....Taco.

"Buck a Beer! Buck a Beer!"
"SCREEETCH!!!!! FLEET!!!!! Gay Boy! Gay Boy! Gay Boy!"
"Where were yer drops! Where were yer drops!"
"Buck a Shot! Buck a Shot! Buck a Beer! Buck a Beer!"
"Troopers drink free! Troopers drink free!"

Can you think of a better bartender??? :lol:
awesomeshotdude said:
The Rowy Parrot sounds like a top place to drink. Do they employ topless waitresses, table/cage and lap dancers ? I would hope so.


Yes, ASD, the bar will have all that and more: disco balls, waitresses wearing nearly nothing, loud music, cheap beer, and every 15 min there'll be sing-a-longs: at the top of the hour will be "The Last of the Irish Rover," "Muirsheen Durkin," etc.

Book now to get yer sing-a-long requests in! Spots are still open.