Messantia Timeline


Not having read the whole Conan series, I'm a little hazy over the timescale of events in Messantian history, as described in the boxed set. How long before the "present day" do people reckon the Blackblood Plague was? Are we talking a few years, a few decades, what? Do most people in the city remember it, or only the old folk? Or no-one at all, except as history?
The Blackblood Plague happened centuries ago, but still stands as one of the cusp events of Messantia's history. It was responsible (directly or indirectly) for so much of the city's development - the building of Cranetown, King Miklus' renovations, various Messantian proclivities (like their obsession with cleanliness).

In short, no one remembers it, but everyone in the city knows about it.