Melee Question

Court Jester

The rules specifically mention that shooting a gun uses Dex but What stat does hitting someone with a sword use? or Punching someone?

The only refference I have seen is in the combat example that has a character use Str plus skill?

I am gussing Melee skills can use either Str or Dex depending on style? Martial Arts uses Dex but brawling uses Str... Blade can use either depending on the weapon...

Also what are the rules for opposed actions and where can tehy be found in the playtest doc?
I also have a melee question, specifically grappling. V2.0 states that the winner of an opposed grappling task can, amongst other choices, "inflict damage equal to his strength."

Surely that cannot be right, as much damage on average as an autopistol on average? In an extreme case a very strong person would be able damage those in combat armour/battledress with their bare hands!!
The 'damage equal to strength' is a hold-over from an earlier version of grappling, where it would take several rounds to complete a grappling attack using the older opposed action rules. I'll fix it in the next draft.
Thanks for the quick reply. I feel a little happier about the combat. It still doesn't quite feel deadly enough yet but that is just a feel rather than any evidential proof. More playing will help with that.