MC-1 Sector 21 Celebrities


Tri-d, Entertainment and the Movies

Candy Sweetner - Haughty Self Loving News Anchorwoman of Sector 21 News. Quotes,
Candy Sweetner is completely lacking in any kind of sympathy, and displays an almost socio-pathic distance from any subject that does not involve her. Reputedly the cause of Traffic Girl Amy Spugg's now legendry 'bokan doze' broadcasts (Not true - Amy Spugg is the unfortunate girlfriend of Leon Tractorski, a small time drug dealer of Soliah Heights, and their appartment was 'visited' by Johnny 'the claw' Falsetto aka the hammer of Hammer)

Candy Sweetner quotes - "I'm Candy Sweetner, and yes that is love you feel", "I'm Candy Sweetner, and Yes these are my own Breasts" and "I'm Candy Sweetner, I am the News'....

Amy Spugg - Pretty, tough rovering reporter for Sector 21 News. Reknown for being on the spot, often of some nasty incident, Amy Spugg is exceptionally popular with a slice of society, those who appreciate the news. The rest probably don't know who she is. Despite being a far superior and much less condesending personality than Candy Sweetner, Amys career has faultered due to the fact she is actually too good to be promoted. At the 'Synth-Golden Balls' awards, Amy Spugg picked up no less than three first place awards, including one in a catagory she was ineligable to enter. Amy Spugg currently lives with Leon Tractorski, a petty drug dealer of Soliah Heights, something that could easily damage her career. Famously she is alleged to have been 'beaten' up by Candy. However the truth is that Leon got on the wrong side of Michaella Hammer, and thus Johnny Falsetto. Amy has been shot twice and hospitalised four times in her career, despite being only 27, each time in a high risk report. There are questions about how much luck Amy can draw....

Mary-Lynne Madson - Actress - Star of 'I Dream of Judges', 'You got Time' and 'The Legend of Mocky III' - Her agent is a compulsive gambler, and Mary-Lynne is herself prone to indulgence in Chowder - which has led to speculation that she is likely to end up in the cubes. Mary-Lynne lives in the penthouses of Soliah Heights

Kanga-Lou Frown - Intelligent Marsupial Oz City Celebrity Chief and Booze Connisiour and a darling of Daytime Cookery and Food Programmes. Famous for the 'Synth it in Sploster Sauce' and "If the Spice is Right: A guide to Cursed Earth and Outback Cusine. Quote "its thyme to splosh on the Splosters" and "Lets get sploshed".. Regular host of 'Get off ya ed for dinnah', and a guest on any number of daytime programme and adverts

Hanton - Freck - Mutant twined presenters of numerous lite entertainment and childrens programes. Hanton Freck's mutation is stable and non-transferable. Often appear with Cat Squeely. Currently at the top of their fame presenting "They Were Celebrities? Get out of Here!" in which has been 2-bit washed up fame junkies gamble their last shreds of respect and credibility in order to stay on screen. On at least three occassions celebrities have ended up in custody, after commiting lewd acts or criminal acts. "aye cant be leeve e'did t" "Idiot.."

Fromme Squeeky - Presenter of 'Maimed for A Laugh' - Slightly disturbed woman, with a wonkey eye and previous for Assault (4 years) and possession of a firearm (1 year), committed at Polanski block. Fromme can be found around town, prefering the less saluburous of joints, and is also a expert shuggy player, and has been known to husstle punters, unaware of her previous amteur ranking status. Squeeky is usually dressed in ex-def duds and is known for a nasty sense of humour, particually towards the more glamerous of MC-1. A pirate channel carries this borderline legal show, which only avoids prosecution for assault due to the fact that its a volunteer show (at least 35,000 citizens of the big meg apply each week).. Catch phrase "Yooou've beeen Maimed".... "ha.. ha.. ha... ha thats gotta sting..."

Rinola 'Fizz' Vimto - Porno Queen and Superstar, from the now famous 'Judge Porn Series' (Dredd in Bed vol 1-3, Hersheys Way -as Head Judge Andyslam - and 'You Can Keep a Good Judge Down') Rinola, possibly due to mafia connections, has become quite the celebrity around town, and a keen patron of numerous charities. Rinola's agent, Sandy Kraks, is reputed to be in the pocket of reputed mobster Michaella 'Mickey' Hammer, which has caused some people to whisper concerns about the rumours that Honey Barbarian Tri-D Entertainments are looking to sign her up. Famous movie lines "Dead or Alive, your'e coming in me", "Suck in the name of the whore" and "You're going DOWN"

Lara Toff - Ex-Stripper and posh Brit Cit That-Girl. Lara is often seen around town, and where Lara goes, hot follows. Previous owner of the notorious 'Jugglers', a reputed Falsetto Mob front, Lara is known for hanging out with underworld figures, such as fellow ex-pat Brit Boy Boydd, and convicted fellons Tony 'Big Hands' Falsetto (to whom she has been romantically linked)


Jimmy and the Spugs - Jimmy and his three man backing band are currently the biggest property boyband in town, their hits include, "Spugg me tender", "Love spugg" and "There is no Spugg Between us". The Spuggettes (girl fans) have been classed as a major problem for justice dept crowd control and on more than one occasion have had to be Stummed or Foamed... Ramona Valchenizia, couisin of notorious organised crime boss, Donald Corneyholy (Don Don), is reputed to be a groupie of the bands inner circle.

Lenny Colon - Folk singer and all round underwear lossening crooner, a self obessed ladies man and marginally well know writer. Rarely seen around town, Lenny prefers to reside these days in Texas City.

Reel Ramonas - Fronted by Ramona Valchenizia, and backed up by the rock twins Ramona Hersh, Ramona Donnelly with Real-Deal Ramona - they are a up and coming hard riot grrrrl rock act. Famed for being 'proper rockers' among the music press, the band most notoriously came to fame after being arrested for assaulting boyband 'Make Tatt' and hospitalising Fat Boy Willy.

Icy-Dee - Gangstar Hopper, and all round middle class wannabe hoodlum, Icy-Dee is anything except the real thing, he is signed to James Maljiadds HIV Records (Its Infectious). Malijiadd is one of the people suspected to be the underground Mr Fixx it, Jimmy the Fix.

Missy T-C - Sweet, young and adored by the public, Missy T-C (Angellica Delight) is on the fast track to the top, her last single making history for being top of the charts in all the Mega City charts at once. Whilst she is most likely considered vulnerable and nieve, she is also know to be friends with the 'hard' Comdian Shade Lazarus, currently serving 6 months for possession of a discharged weapon (actually he's Michaella Hammers right hand man, and known as one of the 'hardest' gangstars in town).

RWA - Robots With Attitude - With their "Fresh out of the Factory" record selling faster than any known robot act, these tin boys are hot stuff, and strong supporters of the Artifical INT Liberation Front.

Misty Starr - A bewitchingly meloncholia voiced alien of unknown origins, and the most adored singer of Luna city. Her voice has a dream inducing quality, that has led to the restriction of live performances in Mega City 1.

Freaky Friday - A Britcit Hoolig band, and pionners of an entirely wonderful music called 'Acid Spugged', these borderline criminals and frequent drug fiends have literally set alight dance floors across the world with their amalgum of mellow, ethic and indie-indie. Voted most the band 'Most likely to Rob Beggers', they famously sold everything, including their bus, to buy drugs on their last tour of the Megs.

Puke Blaine and his Auteurs - Greatest kept secret of music, Puke Blaine is the cynical sharp tounged poet of indie rock, uncompromised and dripping vitrol. His solo work includes a scandled work called DFF 76, and has a side project called Black Vox Reverberator, featuring the plummy voice suggestively dirty girl Lenna Huxly and ex Guitar Good Bloody Moore...

Sonic Sidhe Satori - Black Faerie, Rim Kill, Synthi-Cane and Jozie Satori are the sonic noise alt rock vox fuzz kings of indie-indie (and being a cross between sonic youth, the Pixies, The Melvins and Nirvana ala Bleach - they would be), Possibly the best band in the world... ever...
What more can one say but WOW :) well done mate some great stuff there and so funny too!

Keep it up and I may well get you to help me out with crazes two lol :)

I'll admit to being fairly obssessed with my Dredd campaign... and they are just lifted from my ongoing perp campaign (hence the criminal links).

Also if anyone wants to post the stuff as downloads etc, they should feel free (but let me know - so I can show off to my friends!). Also I may edit stuff from time to time, and it would be nice to let you know!

Will eventually post everything stated up

Although I posted these deranged serial killers for MWWG, they are intended for the Dredd game.

The Slice Girls...

Slice Girls - Knife wielding ex-media darlings who have taken to becoming serial killers to obtain their publicity and media fix... Sporting Slice (hunts you down with her Spice Dogs/Fans), Baby Slice (kills your relatives one by one working their way towards you), Ginger(ly) Slice (kills you slowly), Angry Slice (frienzied attack) and Posh Slice (expensive blades with matching accessories).
Hopefully... been very busy of late putting togeather a Horror Game based on Call of Cthulhu d20, using OGL Horror, Kult and Call of Cthulhu