Masters of War Tournament - November 11th


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Hi guys,

A new tournament here at Mongoose Towers (Swindon, UK), and one with a difference.

We are going to be running a joint Call to Arms & Starship Troopers tournament, with players competing in their chosen discipline to become the Master of War 2006.

A Call to Arms players will be using a 5 point Raid level fleet, with Armageddon rules.

Starship Troopers players will be choosing a 2,000 point army from any of the existing lists (and with the updates forthcoming in S&P 37, available for download this weekend).

If you wish to take part, entry is £5, which can be paid via Paypal at, credit card by calling 01793 434488, or cheque to;

Mongoose Publishing
52-54 Cricklade Road

When paying for your entry, don't forget to let us know which game you are taking part in and which army or fleet you are planning to use. A full tournament pack showing you which scenarios will be used (and they are different from what you may be used to!) will be up on the site next week.

Doors open at 8:30am, with games starting at 9:00am, and close at 6:30pm. A map to Mongoose offices can be found at;

See you there!
Matt, I'll be there but my friend who's on holiday at the moment won't be back for a few weeks but definitely wants to play. Can I pay for the two of us now and effectively reserve him a place?
I'm not sure what to lose at?

SST - I could actually bring my MI beacuse Anton might be able to make it so he can play bugs
ACTA because i could use my vorlons or my ISA instead of my EA or i could use new EA???

I don't know.....
well i sent money but still only saying payment initiated, waiting on someone accepting at mongoose end i think.
Seemes likely katadder, some accounts are set up to have to accept payments.

So you ACTA or SST? Shall I be facing off against some WSC-L?

ACTA, no whitestar fighters, not at raid level as would leave me just a carrier and a whitestar. gonna be using minbari this time as there was a lack of them last time.
lastbesthope said:
Reborn said:
I'm in, probably for ACTA.

You should have paid whilst you were there today you silly boy

How many times - I am not made of money! I could have had no food all day and paid for the tourney, or I could pay for the tourney by cheque at some other point. Hmmm....

It is 6 weeks away, you know, and I think they trust me enough to pay by now.